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  1. I'm definitely Cardinals in this one--partly because I want them to win and partly because I want game 7.

      1. A friend of ours told me that Frankie D told his class that the world series should be a three game set.

        1. Yeah, watching this series has been torture. It would have been so much better if it had been over last week. Pfft.

          1. I know, right? If the yankees had been playing this would have been so much better for the universe.

  2. Sorry I didn't post this, dudes, but it's been kind of a big day.

    I was headhunted by my old company, and they're giving me enough to bring me back. My FIL was headhunted by a plant in Michigan, and they're giving him ludicrous money so he'll be off in about two weeks. Winning all around.

    1. Two things:

      1. congrats on getting more money. Does that mean you'll continue to receive free things?

      2. I have never seen the term "ludicrous money" and "Michigan" in the same sentence.

        1. That is ludicrous. I made that much for two days in Buffalo once. It was pretty awesome. (also got paid $40/hour for my travel time. My travel time! and I got drunk with FTLT.) Consulting rules.

        1. I would be willing to extend an interest-free, permanent loan for any future PS3s.

          Just kidding, I'll just find the right truck.

      1. 2. I have never seen the term "ludicrous money" and "Michigan" in the same sentence.

        Three words. Rip Hamilton's contract.

      2. I was headhunted by a couple who saw a piece of mine 3 years ago, but passed on it because of it's scale. Here's the rub, they bought a new house with a perfect spot for it. She was thrilled I still had it. I was thrilled she remembered (and didn't balk) at my original price tag.

        Thrills all around.

          1. Got the call yesterday. They stopped by today. I thought she might tear up, she was so excited. Kinda weird, really. I liked it.

            (Honestly? I'm not that crazy about the painting.)

        1. Hey, I also got a job offer letter in the mail today! I knew that one was coming, though.

            1. Yes, I could really go for a job offer anytime. Hell, I could even go for a job opening.

            2. Amusingly enough, I'm probably getting a job offer from my old company tomorrow. I'm still mulling it over, but I really don't like my new job, and most of the upper management I didn't like have now left and the top manager is one of my best work friends. It's a bump in pay, but they did me pretty dirty last time I was there...

              It's a lot to think about.

    2. And, congrats Milkman! I love it when you're dragged back into making money. (I'm out of pique misspellings on this one.)

      1. Yeah, I never wanted to go back to the company, but this is one of the most successful stores in the company, they came after me, and I thoroughly liked all three hiring managers I met, so it should be a good deal in the long term.

        I have a possibility looming with the Diamondbacks in the meantime, but that's a long hiring process and probably a long shot, although I've gotten an interview.

        1. I don't know about the rest of the divisions in a team, but working as a baseball analyst (i.e. the type the Twins don't really have) means you get [redacted] for pay because demand vastly outstrips supply.

    3. So, you're staying in AZ and the FiL is moving to Michigan?

      Oh, and congrats on the employment.

        1. That's a good point.

          "Here's a flyball to left. And it goes all the way out of the stadium. Home run."

    1. This is the worst Cardinal defense I've ever seen. They're making Punto's play look amazing.

      Also, gross on that ankle turn.

      1. Which is funny because I was just about to say the Cardinals are killing the Rangers on bunt defense. Then it was foul, and then the next thing happened.

  3. Uh oh. Rangers better hope they win tonight, because it doesn't look like they will have He-Man Napoli tomorrow.

  4. I like the infrared cam, but I don't think it was particularly useful in that case. None of the base changed color when Berkman stepped on it either.

    1. Not if you're a Cardinals fan. If it weren't for crappy defense, they wouldn't have won it on 2006.

    1. I keep rooting for him to get his head together and foul off a dozen pitches. It's more useful if he's batting 9th, though.

  5. Timmay: "when you play defense poorly enough, runners are destined to score."
    Ok that was quality.

            1. No question, but I made him my poster boy for all that sucked this year, being my least favorite Twin of ever, and all.

    1. I dunno. They've got the lead. Lewis is their dude (I think). It's still early. You wouldn't go to the 'pen in a regular season game there, right?

      1. In the regular season, it doesn't generally matter if you lose two games in a row. The Rangers can win tonight and should do everything they can to maximize that.

        1. What happens to the win probability if the rangers had scored another run there? A two run lead after 5 isn't insurmountable, but it is much bigger than one.

        2. I just don't know that I agree it's a good idea for the Rangers to go to their bullpen for five innings.

          1. Holland is in the bullpen though. I don't think he would have had enough time to come in the bottom of the fourth, but he could conceivably pitch the fifth through eighth or ninth innings.

            1. I guess Holland used to pitch out of the bullpen, I didn't know that. Still, sometimes I think it's really easy to out-smart yourself in these situations. Holland just threw a bunch the other day. Sure, he was good, but that doesn't mean he's immune to fatigue.

              And sure, pinch-hitting for Lewis increases your odds, but there's still a pretty big (certainly >50%) chance that you still get nothing out of that situation. I think it was reasonable for Wash to stick with Lewis. We'll see, I guess.

  6. I can't believe how casually the announcers regard going to the bullpen after three innings. Also, it's pretty amazing that the Cards only gave up one run in that inning where they gave the Rangers 5 outs.

  7. CC to bS: I added some more data to the historical comparisons to Cuddyer in the CoC. It got bumped off the recent LTE list with all the World Series excitement.

    1. I think she was. Wikipedia says first kid born in September. Considering these were filmed a while ago...

  8. Two big Yankees fans visiting our house tonight. Upon seeing that I was watching baseball, they asked who was playing.

    Biting my lip here.

    1. You probably should have just punched them in the face and thrown them out on the street instead, for being annoying.

                  1. She was five times above the legal limit. Even without illicit drugs, that's getting yourself pretty damned drugged. What was she drinking, lighter fluid?

    1. I was actually waiting for them to make it two really, really interesting ways to still somehow commit one.

    1. I think I'm cheering for the Rangers (I'm happy either way) but this game is tainting the 2011 series, which up until now was maybe the best since 2001. I guess all the best ones end in 1 now.

  9. What would happen if first basemen started blocking the path back to first base on pick-offs the way that Beltre blocked Holliday? Not sure what to think about that play.

      1. I don't think it was any worse than Holliday taking out Andrus instead of reaching for the bag at all on the earlier non-double play.

        1. True. I'd forgotten about that one. I would've called interference on both, potentially. Then again, I wouldn't really expect either of those things to ever get called generally, so it's probably best this way.

      1. Voting Update Day 5
        Twins (Stan, beaten to a pulp, day 1)
        Rays (Villager, killed for being a "richer", night 1)
        Yankees (Wolf, made into bad chilli, day 2)
        Phillies (Villager, killed by gay lap dogs, night 2)
        Diamondbacks (Kyle, died of food poisoning, night 2)
        Brewers (Wolf, killed by Butters' dancing, day 3)
        Tigers (Villager, killed by flying Kenny, night 3)
        Cardinals (4) voting for Rangers
        cheaptoy voting for Hungry Joe
        Hungry Joe (1)
        Rangers (7) voting for Cardinals

        8 votes needed for a majority. 1 hour until NIGHT.

        1. Rays killed for being "richer"?

          Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

          1. I suppose it would have made more sense to put the Yankees in that slot, but I did that in kind of a hurry.

    1. Unfortunately, LNP was double-switched out and won't be a part of it.
      I was trying so hard to will him into a 2R double down the line before he took that walk off Ogando.

    1. The best part about GBA for me is that I turn off my receiver when it starts, then realize that silence is infinitely better than listing to BuckMcCarver and leave it off.

        1. Well, I'll just say Rob Halford could be down there singing it and I'd still mute it out of principle. I, too, miss Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

  10. With a win tonight, the Stars, Mavs, and Rangers will have won a championship since the last Cowboys Super Bowl win.

          1. I don't think they fit much of anyone's narrative, since there was basically no coverage of it.

  11. As great as it is to have Stan the Man and Teddy F. Ballgame on my Diamond Mind team (entering the 1947 season), I'm going to continue to be infuriated that I can't seem to even make the postseason (let alone win it).

  12. The Yankee fans are gone. Parting words - not even with snark - "This Ranger-Cardinals series is pretty good, surprisingly."


  13. They keep showing that replay of him being safe at first and every time, it looks like he's going to be out.

  14. I'd feel better about the Cards chances if they had more people up before Pujols--or if there was somebody other than The Riot.

  15. Holy balls.
    I thought, I've never seen the last out of the WS made on a catch at the wall.
    Still haven't.

      1. It's definitely easier to teach a class on not enough sleep than it is to sit through a class--that's for sure.

  16. This is nuts. The way this game was going and the way the Cardinals have been since early September, I had a feeling after that three-run inning that it wasn't going to be enough, but wow, what a game!

  17. Heh, now Lyle Kohse can be the final batter. Good thing the Cardinals have a 8-man bullpen and a 2-man bench.

  18. Do you think in about 30 years, we'll really enjoy watching the Tollbot manage in October?

  19. This is probably reminding Darren Oliver about when he blew the crucial game in the 1936 Negro Leagues World Series.

    1. That almost one-ups his intentional walking reliever. Almost. LaRussa would love to have a 98 man roster.

      1. No, then he'd feel an obligation to play most of them.

        Laird and Jackson played tonight by having their names read.

    1. Jackson wasn't going to pitch tonight, he's needed for the 4th inning and the first out of the 5th tomorrow night.

    2. I think he still has Rhodes, Carpenter, and Westbrook left. Maybe another reliever because he finds those guys way more valuable than bench players.

    1. Had to get it past Beltre, who was charging hard. Not a bad effort, I'd say, provided it wasn't just a big eff up.

  20. Hmm, evidently the demise of the 2011 game logs has been greatly exaggerated. We're damn near to 400 LTE's here, which is about a week's worth of late-season Twins game logs.

    1. The final Twins game log was 85% Rays/Red Sox. That one holds the current record for most LTEs: 492.


  22. This is the damnedest game I've ever seen.

    Seriously, Wash, why walk the tough righty to get to a (less tough, but) tough lefty with a righthander on the mound?

    1. With the platoon advantage against Pujols versus opposite against Berkman, it was probably a... wash.

  23. This is like Game 163 but crazier. Does either team have Bobby Keppel left in their pen?

      1. His only MLB win!
        Edited to add: Oh, and I bumped into him at Pepitos the week before.

        1. Heh, wow.

          Can I name drop? My friend Todd who's friends with Charlie Day spent Monday night hanging out with Wil Wheaton for the birthday party of the little Asian guy from Mythbusters. Does it get any bigger?

          1. I think it's a good thing I'm not friends with Charlie Day because I would spend every time together singing from the Nightman Cometh.

  24. This might be the second best world series game ever played on October 27/28th

  25. I want an eleventh inning with both teams scoring, and a twelfth inning with both teams scoring, and a thirteenth inning...

    Tony is going to look like a genius for having a 16-man bullpen.

  26. Well, the Cards have Rhodes and Boggs left in the bullpen. So...I'd say Westbrook might have to pitch a full inning.

  27. I enjoyed watching Feldman wander around like a clown trying to pretend he was going to hit. I'm sure spooky can act better than that.

  28. Perkins & Cuddyer are currently arguing about if they should have walked Pujols. Perkins understands you don't, and understands that they should have gone to the left handed reliever. I know which one I would want for player manager.

      1. Yeah, it was just a terrible copy. If he had done it well, then I wouldn't mind, since it was his dad. But no, awful.

        1. Was it said with a tone that made him sound annoyed he has to call another baseball game tomorrow?

          1. He said it with no emotion at all. I'm not a fan of either of these teams, but I am all sorts of jacked up because that was one hell of a ball game. If you can't get your blood pressure up over a game like this then I'm pretty sure you're dead.

      1. It seems like Punto would be more likely to be sacrificed if Kinsler was his teammate.

  29. I think the best part of the game log is how irritated is that Joe Buck ripped off his Dad. I can't stop smiling.

          1. Indeed. Especially when you randomly hear him cough in the background so you know he's still around and just pouting.

      1. It's the only thing Buck does well, so I'm inclined to not even praise him for it. Plus, really, he's had how long to come up with a different call for a walk-off win in a World Series game? I mean, if he's going to pre-meditate that sort of thing since he shows absolutely no joy in announcing the games. NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

        1. Hey, I'm right there sharing the lawn with you (that sort of ruins the point, but whatever). Buck is an unmitigated disaster, but at least he doesn't feel the need to say a lot. Sure, it's because he's not interested in what's happening, but still...

  30. I'm glad this game ended good, because it started off terribly. Now I can finally go to bed so I can stay up for tomorrow's Game 7, brought to you by fucking Frank Deford.

  31. In my Brackef for the challenge, here was my prediction for the WS: (Yankees changed to Rangers though, and the Colby Rasmus error is corrected.)
    World Series: STL, 7 (Each game is won by the home team, Game 5 is the only blowout. Game 6 is won by an 11th-inning John Jay HR. In game 7, Pujols gets an out when he pulls Cruz off the bag and the ump didn't see it that way. Series MVP Chris Carpenter pitches 10 innings in game 7 and Nick Punto, pinch-hitting in the 10th with the bases loaded, bats in the winning run, sliding safely into first to avoid the Young tag which would have extended the game to the 11th.)

    I count tonight as winning: Freese is close enough to Jay for me.

      1. I may have to buy the DVD BluRay cloud access package for this series* in 20 years, and I'm not even a fan of either team. This isn't 1991 with near-perfect playing close, like game 163 part 1: the one we don't talk about. This is like the good game 163 turned into a seven-game series: crazy, mistake-riddled, redemption-filled**, addled-manager-addled buzzsaw of unpredictable and preposterous. These WPA graphs have turns too sharp to be rollercoasters.

        *Hell, from game 160 of the regular-season on.
        **Freese! Hometown boy with run-allowing awful error that almost loses team the World Series makes up for it!

      1. I was thinking more like a Carpenter no-hitter on three days rest, and a 0-1 win for the Cards on a Pujols walkoff tater in the bottom of the ninth.

  32. The thing I really can't believe LaRussa got away with was emptying the bench, getting down two runs, and having Descalso, Jay, and the pitcher's spot due up. Nine friggin' lives.

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