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              1. Runner's explanation is accurate. If he and the lead singer from Nickelback switched bands, even some of the big fans wouldn't notice.

                Daughtry was, like, third place on American Idol or something. Everyone who came in to buy his stuff complained that he didn't win, as if it mattered since he was selling ridiculous numbers of albums for his atrocious crimes against music.

                1. Is it too early to study what's "in" now so I can pretend to know what's "in" in 12 or so years to embarass my daughter?

                  1. Sounds like the perfect time to start. I think your "in-ness" should reach its peek when she's around five, so she can remember how old it is.

  1. There's some big time schädenfreude in watching LaRussa and Carpenter fail miserably, but I don't want even more support for the "OH NOEZ!! HE'S STARTING ON SHORT REST" panic mafia.

  2. Buck pays homage to his father. Hamilton pays homage to Jim Edmonds with the unnecessarily difficult catch.

      1. It's like having Yuniesky Betancourt as a nemesis.

        I'm just glad the opposing team wasn't the Twins.

  3. I'm still having trouble processing the idea that Kyle Lohse and Nick Punto could have World Series Rings after tonight, and yet Mauer and Morneau do not. It's just not right.

    1. I'm sad to say that this is a large part of my rooting interest.

      I guess I wouldn't mind Lohse having one. I always liked him, to be honest...maybe because he seemed surly and abrasive. I can do without Li'l Nicky getting one, though.

    2. Lohse having one and Morneau not wouldn't bother me as much as, say, Lohse having one and Roy Halladay not.

      1. But then, I feel that way about any of the pitchers in this series other than Chris Carpenter (who already has one).

        1. Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire, which is, since Breaking Bad's season is over, the default "favorite" show I'm watching right now, I guess, until Mad Men or Game of Thrones or Justified or something starts again. I'm sure Roger will show up again when that happens.

          1. Actually, I probably like Survivor overall more than BWE, but I'm not about to make Jeff Probst my avatar.

  4. Right field sure seems like a copy of the Bandbronx the way these right-handed hitters keep sending flyballs that way.

  5. I really hate Molina and Carpenter just for being douches, so I would love to have had strike three called on that perfectly good pitch in the strike zone.

        1. No, but the end of the story involves a robot ump beating Punto furiously with a bat for being a danger to the game of baseball.

          1. In that case, I feel like we could have saved a little trouble had we had robot umps when Eckstein was around.

  6. And now, on top of everything else that's already happened, Lance freekin Berkman hits a freekin infield single.

  7. There are a couple of bettors who have been showing over their +10000 Cards tickets online. I say good for them. I've got one at +1200 and I am starting to get pretty excited.

  8. Her's a cool thing: as many people in the brackef picked the Cards to win as picked the Yanks to make the series and no one picked the Yanks to win.

    1. I just realized that the guy with the camera is the same guy sitting to Jordan in the plane in those Hanes commercials.

  9. Okay, if you're Punto, would you rather have had the Twins pick up your option and make $3+ million more or get the ring?

    1. Why couldn't he have had both? In St. Cloud is is a known fact Punto is the reason the Cards have made it this far.

    1. That Ron Washington reaction shot reminded me of the Twins defeat I felt worst about(Game 163 2008).

      It definitely sucks to get so close and lose it.

        1. Yeah, the only places I don't want to be able to see fans celebrate are Bronx and Boston.
          Even Angels fans are fine with me, as long as Scioscia's been ejected and has to watch on TV from the clubhouse.

            1. It's the schadenfreude of the entitlement that Yanks/BoSox fans show.
              Also, I guess I wouldn't mind the Cubs losing the WS at home, need to keep them from becoming BoSox fans. For their own good. Losing builds character.

            2. The Thunderstix really made me hate Angels fans. The monkey only gets annoying if they keep bringing him out to early.

  10. My company is HQ'd in St.Louie. Monday should be a holiday.
    Dang rain postponement, today could have been a holiday.

  11. BTW, I'm not getting all the Punto-loathing above.
    I'm glad for him, and Lohse. They're not worthless players.

    1. Punto's a tool.

      I wouldn't mind if he was merely the awful hitter that he is, but he routinely ran himself into outs and ignored advice that would keep him on the field and get to first base faster.

      It's not enough that he's terrible - he's also obviously proud of the terrible things he does.

  12. From AP:

    This marked the ninth straight time the home team had won Game 7 in the World Series.

    So, this game was decided in July. Nice.

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