December 9, 2011: Neck Tat is Clueless

A couple of days ago, I helped a customer, about 40 or so, who had the TC logo tattooed on his neck (I forgot to mention it because this was an hour or two before I helped Corey Hart). He twice said Morneau when he meant Mauer, he advocated Mauer moving to first and I had to remind him of the names of Shane Mack and Gene Larkin. I felt like I should have demanded a tattoo transfer.

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  1. Two Wild notes

    1. They got outshot by 20 goals last night and still easily won. It's insane how efficient they've been on offense. The Wild are still dead last in shots on goal, and are third to last in shots allowed. How has this team only lost four games in the past twenty?

    2. The NHL's best team had the 8th top story on ESPN when getting its 6th straight win and Hackett breaking a goalie record. The Wild game isn't even in the top 10 stories on or Fox Sports. For the, the game was the 4th story.

      1. Must be the "not-quite Whangdoodles" - ATDIW! 🙂
        But really, I only started putting those together because of their success.

    1. The LA Kings were pumping up the crowd by using Eric Cartman from 'South Park'. It came through loud on my TV and was annoying 10 minutes into the 1st period. But, the organist was playing the song Star Wars Cantina (I think thats what its called) that cool (The Wild organist will play INXS's 'Devil Inside', which is also pretty cool)

      1. The LA Kings were pumping up the crowd by using Eric Cartman

        At first glance I read this as Eric Carmen, and I'm thinking how in the hell can you get anybody pumped up by playing "All By Myself" or "Hungry Eyes".

  2. the show 'Community' is now on hiatus, literally leaving on a high note by spoofing 'Glee'. But, 'Whitney' is still on the air.

    1. While I was in LA, the horribleness of "Whitney" was an in-joke among everyone I knew in the business. It hadn't even aired and it was already famous in town for how bad it was.

      1. I admit to watching the show, but thats more of a function of here is nothing on at 8:30 and 'Its Always Sunny...' is at 9. Every once in a while, I would get a good belly laugh, but I cant even get that in recent episodes. I will say the dude who plays Whitneys boyfriend plays seems pretty good and probably deserves a better show

        1. It bums me out when good actors appear in bad projects, but the most likely other option is not being paid to act at all, so I try to keep that in perspective.

          Whitney was oddly marketed; the commercials were shot as a single-camera show but it's a multi-camera sitcom. Very strange.

          Whitney Cummings is making hand over fist right now; besides creating and starring in this one, she also created "2 Broke Girls." Nice year for her pocketbook...

      1. The station itself has released a brief statement as well, though it provides few clues as to their own judgment of the situation, or about Stensrud's fate:

        "Sunday night's uncharacteristic newscast on KEYC Mankato can hardly be considered private. Nonetheless, in our judgment, the matter represents a personnel issue to be resolved internally." Dennis M. Wahlstrom, Vice President and General Manager, KEYC

        that doesn't sound like medication to me.

  3. I didnt watch the game last night becaue I dont get the NFL Network (also, Thursday games are stupid), but this is pretty scary: Colt McCoy doesnt remember the hit that gave him a concussion. 2 plays after the hit, he was put back in the game, and in the post game, Browns PR staff asked reporters to turn off their lights when asking McCoy questions.
    Thats pretty reckless by the Browns people. I thought a couple weeks ago the NFL put tougher safeguards on teams when players get a concussion

    1. There are safeguards in place but ultimately it's the team doctors who decide if the guy should go back out on the field or not. That's kind of like the fox guarding the hen house. The NFL should assign a neuro specialist to each game who checks guys for concussions after hits like this and makes the decision. The teams should not have a say. I know idiot football fans will say the next logical step is putting skirts on players, or whatever, but this stuff absolutely needs to stop.

      On another note, I am not the least bit surprised that it was James Harrison who delivered a helmet-to-helmet hit. From the repository:

      During the 2010 season, Harrison drew several penalties and fines for hits that were deemed to be illegal by referees and the NFL. On October 17, he knocked out two Browns wide receivers; Mohammed Massaquoi, and his former college teammate, Josh Cribbs. On Halloween against the Saints, he hit quarterback Drew Brees. Against the Raiders, he hit another QB, Jason Campbell. The following week at Buffalo, another incident occurred when Ryan Fitzpatrick had thrown a complete pass to David Nelson, Harrison came out of the line and speared Fitzpatrick. Harrison was fined $120,000 in total.

      The guy is a headhunting sack of excrement and he should get kicked out of the league in my opinion.

  4. So this whole Chris Paul business is fairly fascinating. I think it basically goes to show that the new CBA didn't really change anything. To a large degree, I think it's crap that the Lakers can go through these contortions in order to keep their payroll above the cap and to acquire players that they otherwise wouldn't be able to sign as free agents.

    I still think the NBA's system, at this point, has too many rules, and once you get enough rules, teams start to find loopholes. Here's my solution (which, obviously, is pointless to go on about, but that's what the internet is for):

    1) Each team has a hard cap of, say, $50M.
    2) Each team is allowed to have one contract on their roster for over $20M/year which only hits the cap at $20M/year. (If you have a second player paid over $20M/year, that player hits the cap for the full value of his contract.)
    3) Some kind of controlled rookie pay scheme (either NBA-style or MLB-style)
    4) No floor, but every player gets a bonus at the end of the year so that the players get their full BRI share when it is all said and done. There's no incentive for the owners to not spend the money, since unlike revenue sharing at the team level, the money goes straight to the players.

    This solution is relatively straightforward, and I think it would have avoided both the Heat situation and the Paul situation (not to mention the pending Howard situation.) For one, there's no way that the Heat could have fit both Wade and LeBron under the cap in this situation, because someone out there would probably offer LeBron something like $35-40M and Wade would definitely command over $20M. For another, the Lakers wouldn't be that interested in giving up much for one year of Chris Paul, because they couldn't keep Paul and Kobe, unless they were going to do it for one season and then let Paul walk or trade Kobe.

    With the way that players are always guaranteed their share of the BRI, I don't really understand why they are quite so worried about instituting salary floors and making the caps really soft.

  5. The other thing coming out of the NBA of note to me seems to be that the Magic are mad that other teams have illegally contacted Dwight Howard. (Or his agent, or whatever.) I don't know how you can really police this sort of thing, but it makes all the sense in the world for there to be restrictions and for a team to be mad if those restrictions are violated. If the Magic are going to trade Howard, the team that trades for Howard shouldn't get to know beforehand whether or not Howard will re-sign with that team, since that can completely kill any leverage the Magic might otherwise have in the situation.

    1. The readers who eat that turgid nonsense up are as to blame as Pearlman himself, unfortunately. Why do they enable him so?

      Well, there's another writer I can safely ignore for the rest of my life.

      1. That's as old as sport itself. Now that the star player is gone, he really wasn't as great as we thought he was. What I really don't like is criticizing a player for taking a huge contract from another team. He's so greedy. Nevermind that he turned down more than $20M more from the Marlins. The old players were so much better because they stayed with their team, but don't mention that the old players never had a choice to leave their teams.

        1. The old players were so much better because they stayed with their team, but don't mention that the old players never had a choice to leave their teams.


      1. Maybe that's why Pujols chose the Angels. He knew Torii would do enough talking and signing autographs for both of them.

      1. Interesting considering I just read how bad the Angels TV ratings are. I guess it doesn't matter as long as the population is large enough.

        1. From what I understand (which isn't a lot when it comes to TV ratings, which always seem more confusing than they ought to be), the Angels have low ratings as a percentage of people in their market, but since the market is so big those low ratings do still mean a ton of people watching.

      1. Everybody knows the greatest Christmas lyric of all time is "Tonight thank God it's them, INSTEAD OF YOU!!!!!"

      2. When we're in our sixties, radio stations will play every track from Low's Christmas, at least five times a day.

    1. My main objection is that those 20 songs take up such a huge fraction of December airplay every year. Thank goodness there isn't a similar event every month, there wouldn't be any air time for new music.

    2. Odd that I have little desire to listen to songs from when I was born or even the 10 years after that.

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