Twins Collectibles Spotlight: 2011 Topps Update Rene Tosoni

One particular Twins card from this year's Topps Update set is an eye catcher: Rene Tosoni in front of a back drop of St. Louis' Belgium's finest. Besides wanting to share this card with The Nation, I was also curious how closely we could get to identifying the exact play?

2011 Topps Update #177 Rene Tosoni

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  1. I tried to look at pictures of all the away stadiums Tosoni played in last year, and I could not find many good shots of outfield walls. The only one I think might have a Budweiser sign in left-center is Kaufmann Stadium, but I can't tell for sure. If that's the case, there two games last year where Tosoni played left and Casilla played short in Kansas City, on April 29th and May 1st.

    This play looks like a line-drive or flyball double or triple. In that case, Treanor, Maier, Betemit, and Gordon all had those types of doubles on April 29th and May 1st.

    Honestly, though, I'm wondering if that Budweiser sign is photoshopped 🙂

      1. oh man, yeah. But I could not find any red signs on the outfield wall at Target Field. Do they change advertisements throughout the year?

  2. It's not the 8/24 game when he was a PH then put in left field as Casilla didn't play that game (his only PH appearance that resulted in playing LF). That leaves the following 21 games where Tosoni started in LF at home:

    Apr 28 (1)
    Apr 28 (2)

    Sep 5 (2)

    Edited to include beau's sleuthing into mutual games played.

    1. 7/28 - Casilla put on 15 Day DL
      8/12 - Casilla activated
      8/13 - Casilla put on 15 Day DL
      9/27 - Casilla transfered from 15 to 60 day DL

      So that takes out the final 11 games from that list above. Going on bhiggum's suggestion re: sleeves, It looks like either of the April games would be a good place to start

      1. Rays hit two doubles to left field on April 28th, both by Ben Zobrist. I suppose it could have been a single, but it just feels like an extra-base hit to me

  3. dang, you guys rock. I doubted that a single play could be identified, but I was curious just how far it could be pared down.

    It's definitely not a late season game, as any photos from those would be too late to use in the update set release.

    1. So, we got the game then. April 28th against the Rays. The exact play is impossible, but at best we got it pared down to two plays.

      Incidentally, or perhaps not, it was Tosoni's first major league game ever.

            1. Dang, you beat me to it- seventh inning, two outs, drove in Upton and Joyce to make it 13-1. Nice choice of a game, Topps.

              1. definitely a team effort.

                I do wonder if the fact that it was Tosoni's first game matters, or if it was coincidence

                1. I would think that the photographers would be sure to get a few of him that day; no telling if it was a quick cup of coffee and was the only one he played in.

                  It really is a nice card front: bright colors, action shot, foreground image, and I like the horizontal format they use in some of their card fronts.

              2. I was at that laugher of a game. The highlight was definitely hearing the Iceman's PA music for the first time.

  4. Let me add just how much fun it was to read this thread, even though I missed participating in it "live". Cool stuff.

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