76 thoughts on “January 14, 2011: Milestone Comments”

  1. I find it amusing that maybe 5 of those are actually about baseball. 15K, 20K and 25k being back-to-back-to-back is nearly priceless.

    1. Yeah, I love that run.

      I also told Mag last night I was borderline embarrassed that I remembered nearly every one of the comments and could immediately put them into context.

    1. After dropping daughter off in Milwaukee I will be snowshoeing in Kettle Moraine State Park for 2 days. If I don't come back also tell Kirsten Dunst that I love her.

    1. Along those lines, all quotes are reproduced as sent. That means your typos will be featured, as well as punctuation. I so wanted to leave the period off of "DONGER.", but it's for me to report history faithfully not editorialize.

            1. I'm no longer top 10? Are there any comments out there on waivers that I could pick up to boost my stats?

      1. How do you search by comment number? Maybe I was first and my comment was redacted by "the man" for its heresy.

        1. If you search through the comments on the backend, they're sorted by number in reverse order. I just went to the last page of comments and the first (last) one listed is #2.

          1. Yeah, I sorta realized that as soon as I posted. I guess we'll never know the mystery of what happened to comment #1.

        1. I guess that one's pretty good too. It's pretty indicative of my typical mental state.

          I wonder why I was so far off.

          1. Because when you search for your name, it shows all comments made by you and any that have your name in it but made by someone else.

            1. And when I search for my name, I get all comments made by me and any that have my name in it or "Mannheim Steamroller"

  2. File under crazy: I'm heading out to the porterhouse central to meet up with the owner to have a couple of pints in trade for an impression from the still life edition. Holy. Balls. His bar man just delivered me a free pint at the porterhouse temple bar. Crazy.

    1. That's pretty sweet right there, meat.

      Can you make any more demands? There's an amateur brewer down here that has heard enough about the Oyster Stout that he'd like to try it. You can ask him if he'll send me some.

      1. I'm getting started with my homebrewing today. I'm...intimidated, but the DVD started with the guy saying "Don't be intimidated. If you can make macaroni and cheese from a box, you can brew beer."

        That's about the extent of my cooking prowess (and have mentioned as much to The Milkmaid as I let her know how worried I am) so it was the perfect line.

        1. She did indicate to me your, uh.... lack of cooking skills, but I figured your passion for beer would override any of that. Brewing is an awesome way to further appreciate the stuff.

        2. Speaking of homebrewing, we bottled my dad's stout* last night. Should be ready to consume here soon.

          We decided to call it Dark Haired Stout as a nod to our surname, as MagUidhir means "Son of the dark haired one"

    2. In trade I received the first bottle off the line of their newest beer: Imperial stout aged in Whisky barrels --->11% abv. Now, I hope the bottle makes it back home.

      1. When I bring beer back from Ireland, I put it in a plastic bag, then another, then wrap it in my towel, and make sure the towel is at the center of the bag. I've never had anything break.

        Unless, of course, you're talking about not drinking it before then, in which case I got nuthin'.

  3. I have another Wolves log together for tonight. Part of me kind of hopes Tim Tebow hijacks the narrative.

  4. Any gimp and Scribus experts out there? I'm trying to bootstrap my way to minimal competence this weekend in order to produce a program for a wrestling meet. This is my first foray into both, and I'm struggling to understand the basics of editing graphics in gimp and how to get them the size and look I want in Scribus.

    (I've done the first leg of Craig Maloney's Scribus tutorial and will complete the rest today)

  5. good round of NFL game this weekend...who ya got?

    49ers over NO
    Pack over NYG
    Pats over Denver
    Houston over Baltimore

    1. I don't think it will happen, but the more I see the State Farm commercials with Aaron Rodgers, the more I want them to lose every game he starts for the rest of eternity.

      1. Im not a fan either, but with the Giants, you never know what team will show up. They are either brilliant (like last week) or stink up the joint Vikings style

      2. I actually thought the first one was funny, but the new ones have just been terrible.

        I don't think there's been a player that's turned me off from a team faster than Tim Tebow. I used to like the Broncos. Now, they're making me root for the Pats.

    1. It seems someone confused Slowey and Racaniello again. The caption lists in order: Slowey, Racaniello, and Dickey but it looks like Slowey is in the middle.

  6. With as much as I loved the records, Lana Del Rey's performances on SNL were just awful.
    I can imagine what people who're experiencing her for the first time are thinking.

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