2012 Game Logs: Game 18 Minnesota @ Dallas

Tonight the Wolves players will watch Dallas receive their championship rings for last season.  By all accounts this will be considered the turning point in the Wolves season that catapult them to 3 of the next 5 NBA Championships.  As of writing.  the Wolves have not signed Love to an extension yet. I imagine this will be rectified by game time.  Yep, today is going to be a pretty big day in Wolves history.

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      1. Not a max contract, but this looks like a great deal for Love and, if the team continues to improve, an awesome deal for the Timberwolves.

        1. Yeah, I agree. I wish he didn't have the opt out after 3 years, so we'll probably have to negotiate again then. Still, if this team is headed in the right direction, I'd think we'd be able to give him max money then.

  1. According to the Dallas broadcast crew, the early season loss to the Wolves was "rock bottom". What a bunch of turds.

  2. Robbie Incmakowski is not a bad basketball sideline reporter, but man he is terrible when it comes to baseball

    1. Seriously, I agree with you. Switch out Darko for Pek in this starting lineup, and it looks much better to me.

        1. Wow. I just refreshed and didn't even realize this was me for a few seconds because of the new gravatar.

  3. Hmm, 26 points in the first quarter. I didn't know the Wolves were allowed to score over 20 in the opening frame.

  4. That's an awesome end to the first half. Too bad we don't play by Doug Collins rules where points scored at the end of quarters are worth double.

  5. I see Brian Cardinal is still around. Is he the NBA version of a soft tossing left handed reliever?

    1. Something about him makes it seem like he's around forever. Felt like he played at Purdue for 8 years.

  6. there is a guest dj day available if anyone has posting abilities. Applcants may inquire below.

  7. Rubio's transition defense has been pretty impressive tonight. Hell of a game from the kid tonight all around.

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