2012 Game Logs: Game 21 Timberwolves @ Rockets

Tough loss last night followed by a tough opponent tonight.  The Wolves need to stop giving up giant leads in the first half if they want to win games consistently.  You can coast against teams like Charlotte, NOLA, and the Wizards but when you face off against teams like Houston, LAL, and the Heat you are going to have a really tough time winning games if you only show up for one half.

From SNP's twitter feed last night:

...and it was against a terrible road Lakers team with no bench and a terrible coach on the tail end of a b2b.

Anyone who looks for moral victories in this one needs to be punched in the face by Pek. This was their 1st crack at .500 since Casey...

Minny's guards were 8-40 from the floor.

The Wolves shot 104 fg tonight, turned it over only 4 times, equaled their opponent on the offensive boards and free throw line...and lost.

Wolves stunk up the joint against a team that lost to Milwaukee last night and was 1-7 on the road and with no bench #awfulloss

3rd game in team history with sub .385 fg%, sub .240 3p%, and with more than 100 fga. 1 of those was an ot game. tinyurl.com/7vtays2

Wolves had 17 more oreb, equal fta, and 4 to and they lost. That's equals some horrific shooting.


Let's hope the Wolves can put up points in the first two quarters tonight followed by more points in the third and fourth.  In theory the Rockets should be a good match up for Minnesota since they don't really have a dominant big man and the Wolves can play small ball. Plus the Wolves now have Brad Miller, which naturally should make up for the difference between the two teams last time they played.

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    1. Yeah, when you look at all those numbers, I guess I see it like a Twins game where the Twins hit line drives right at defenders all day and the other team keeps hitting dribblers that sneak through the infield. Like you said, those games happen. A couple more three-pointers fall, and it's a great win. Time to kick some Rocket ass tonight, I hope.

      1. I guess I see it like a Twins game where the Twins hit line drives right at defenders all day and the other team keeps hitting dribblers that sneak through the infield. Like you said, those games happen.

        Every time the Twins play the Yankees?

        1. I'm not going there. Adelman > Gardenhire. Although, he had his problems with the Lakers when he was in Sacto. Didn't everybody?

    2. Yeah. It sucked and the Wolves deserved to win, but didn't. It's almost like this is sports and sometimes that happens.

    1. This is the first game I've gotten to see in a week as my closing shifts kept overlapping with the games. It's exciting to see such a raucous crowd for the event.

  1. Rockets announcers complaining about the no call on that "superman" fast break. He just fell over, dudes.

      1. Love went down in a heap after Scola threw a ball low off him. Turns out the ball hit him in the family jewels

    1. It really is amazing how little he fits with this squad and play style. Even when he tries to pass, it blows.

  2. A couple of thoughts from the first quarter:

    -Rubio is a really outstanding defender.
    -I hope Pek gives a couple of love taps to Scola after that cheap shot.
    -Wes and Beasley are both decent 6th men.
    -I wish Luke was 3 inches taller.

    1. Having a good second team is a good thing to have, especially in this kind of play every night almost season. In the post season, not so important, but if SCB can be somebody in that role, that would be cool.

      1. I agree. I have a feeling we will be talking some Simmons tomorrow but it can't be said enough how having 9-10 above average players is going to win you games this season.

      2. He's a decent rebounder and can do a decent job getting to the rim. My biggest problem with him is on the offensive end. He turns every play into an iso for himself and takes tons of bad shots. If he could realize he's not Kobe and pass a little more it would really help his game.

        1. The Wolves have been running a fair amount of ISO sets this year. It seems like every forth trip down the court Rubio runs up the left side of the court as fast as he can, does an underhanded lob to Love or Beasley, runs underneath the hoop, leaving SCB/Love ISO against a smaller defender only to have SCB/Love back down the defender and then take a little crappy one handed jump hook with two dudes on him.

        2. Limit his minutes and turn him into a modern Microwave. He gets 20 min/game and 10 shots per game. You live with it and hope he has some hot nights.

          (for Vinnie's career, he averaged 24.7 minutes and 10.7 FGA)

  3. With the shots that Rubio and Luke should be able to create with their speed/vision neither of them should be taking more than 6-8 shots per game. Knock down open looks, take it to the hole, or dish the ball. Mid range, contested jumpers are not a good idea.

  4. Robby Incimosdsdjfski: "Michael, what kind of groove did you get into during the first half?"

    SCB: "My regular groove, just shooting the ball without thinking. No conscience. "

    Buffalo: /shakes head/

  5. The Orlando Magic stink. Dwight Howard is giving the Magic the Vince Carter in Toronto treatment this season. If I knew an Orlando fan I would feel terrible for them.

    1. Dwight Howard is acting like Torii did in his free agency year. First he wants to play in LA, then New York, then Chicago...

          1. I found a way to get him on the Wolves on the NBA trade machine without giving up too much!

              1. You have to give up talent to get talent.

                SCB has a nice elm'n stink to him, doesn't he?

                1. If the Twins could have gotten Delmon for the equivalent of a second-round pick (a minor league utility guy?), I could have lived with that trade.

      1. If you had to play with that roster, you would too. They have a spot-up shooter at PF (Anderson), a slow point-forward at SF (Turkoglu), and the corpse of Jason Richardson in the starting lineup, along with two backup PGs (Nelson and Duhon). That is a terrible lineup.

        Ryan Anderson would be great in San Antonio (or almost anywhere) as the sixth man. But the guy attempts 7+ threes per game. They have no post-up players besides Howard.

        And their bench sucks. JJ Redick is the BEST of the lot. Big Baby is averaging 8+ FGA/g and shooting 36 freakin' percent. From about 5 feet!

        1. I think what he is doing to the Magic right now is worse than what Carmelo did to the Nuggets. At least Melo was consistent in his desires to go to NY.

          Howard has all the tools to be a top 15 player ever. Seeing this Vince Carter act is just embarrassing.

          1. He is averaging 20.2/15.5/2.2 ppg/rpg/apg with 2.1 blocks/g and shooting 56.6 pct from the floor. He leads the league in FTA and rebounds. He's playing 37+ min/g. Vince Carter Act????

            1. I can't fight those numbers, with that said in the past 10 days his stats have fallen off consideribly. I have been keeping an eye on the Magic as I like watching Howard play and his disposition as of late has been very "bleh". Combine his declining stats in past week and a half, his constant shopping of himself, and his poor attitude on the floor and I am going to say he is acting like Carter with a grain of hyperbole.

              1. Howard's last six games, in order

                home/road date fg/a ft/a O/TRB Points
                road 2012-01-24 6-11 2-4 1-9 14
                home 2012-01-26 6-12 4-8 5-16 16
                road 2012-01-27 9-14 10-17 3-16 28
                home 2012-01-29 10-13 4-15 3-13 24
                road 2012-01-30 6-17 5-13 3-11 17

                I've beaten this dead horse into chili meat by now, but I just don't see a trend in the data here.

  6. Current headline on ESPN from basketball prospectus:

    Diagnosis: Minny is the next OKC
    GM David Kahn has Timberwolves following eerily similar path as the Thunder

    1. He was one of my favorites in Sactown. Wiry, gets to the hole a lot. Very efficient scorer for a 2-guard.

    1. And the Rockets are still hanging tight. This Houston team is not bad. Imagine if they gave up Martin, Scola + others for Gasol. Honestly, I think the non-trade worked out best for the Rockets.

    2. So if last night means the sky is falling, does tonight mean they're winning a championship this year?

      1. SCB for MVP!

        You might remember that S-n-P declared last year that SCB was the alpha dog we'd never had. Heh.

    1. I hope he's high, because that would probably be the easiest state for him to be in each game, if it produces good results like this.

  7. Minnesota scored 42 that quarter. Within 3 minutes someone on twitter will tell me the last time that happened.

  8. SCB leads in scoring, Ricky leads in rebounds, Love leads in steals, Martell leads in blocks. Now, all we need is Pek to lead in assists.

      1. That one in the first where he was in the air, rising to the rim for an easy dunk when he suddenly flipped the ball behind him into a sea of Rockets... that was honestly, without a doubt, the stupidest thing I have ever seen in the NBA.

  9. In what has to be one of the funnier stats of the game:

    Rubio +24
    Love +24
    SCB +6

  10. Beasley's with 34..that is the 8th time a Wolves player has gone over 30. The other 7 are Kevin Love (39 is his high, 34 is second highest)

  11. being played over the loudspeaker that Wolves possession: 'Dont Come Around Here No More' by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. HA!

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