2012 Game Logs: Game 21 Pacers @ Wolves

If you haven't listened yet make a point to tune into listen to DK, cheaptoy, Stick, and myself , but mostly me, talk about the Wolves and the NBA in today's podcast. In the next NBA podcast cheaptoy, bjiggum, and myself will work out a three way trade involving Dwight Howard in our fantasy league. It might be more exciting that what you listened to today.

Onto tonight's game though-- we have Mag's Pacers facing off against everyone else's Minnesota Timberwolves. While I usually root for the Wolves to win by 30 points I'd be okay with the Wolves sending Mags off to the Prague without too much of a beating.  Normally, I would take some stats from covers.com to show why the Wolves are going to win tonight. However, as someone who follows historical trends and often times wagers I.O.U.'s for mowing a sportsbook's lawn based on those historical trends, I am not thrilled by this matchup. The Pacers are a good team and a victory tonight counts as a legitimate win against a good team.

Aww nuts, who am I kidding?  The Wolves will probably pop off for 113 points tonight.

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  1. cheaptoy, bhiggum, and myself will work out a three way trade involving Dwight Howard in our fantasy league

    Hmm? I am intrigued. And currently listening to the podcast.

  2. In case you're all wondering, David West is a douchebag. Here's to hoping GW takes down Xavier tonight.

  3. There are a couple of other interesting match ups going on tonight in the NBA. Chicago is in Philly and OKC is in Dallas.

        1. I guess you didnt watch the epic Illinois-Michigan St battle last night. The final score was something like 48-42

  4. gross (twitter)

    WolvesRadio Alan Horton
    Wow, over the last 4:25 MIN & IND have combined to shoot 1/13 with 9 turnovers. #twolves #pacers

  5. during the timeout I flipped over to the Big Ten Net to watch the Gophers,they have 7 turnover and 3 points in about 8 minutes of play

    1. did you see the Wild game last night DW? I forgot about it, and am grateful I did. I may have broken the TV

  6. Somehow Love tied with Pek!, Johnson and Beasley in player of the game voting. Also, there have only been 80% of votes.

  7. GW misses 3 layups in the final 10 seconds and loses by one. Let's destroy David West tonight!

  8. According to Timberwolves' assistant coach Sikma, there was "not enough bowel movement" during that first half.

  9. Kevin Love complains to the refs a lot. but jeeze, he is getting killed out there tonight and getting no calls

      1. And yet, he's still playing. Its no wonder they couldn't take a lead when 2/5 of the guys on the court are useless feces.

  10. If they didn't call that one, I was going to write a strongly worded letter to the commissioner's office.

    1. Well, he did grab his shoulder, so there was a foul there. Granger should get teed up though, but he won't did because these guys suck.

            1. I know. It's amazing that West, Hansbrough, and Hibbert all play together. Those are probably 3 of my 10 least favorite players in the last 10 years.

              1. I hadn't given Hibbert any thought at all because he's terrible, but it looks to me like he's evolved from "big guy who is big but sucks at everything else" to "big guy who is big but sucks at everything else and is cheap".

                1. Yes, but I had to endure his college career when he was treated with kid gloves by everyone in DC. Did a 6'1" guard just block your shot? It's ok, Roy. Did it just take you thirty-five seconds to run from one end of the court to the other? It's ok, Roy. Did you just spill your Chipotle burrito bowl all over your lap because you're a big clumsy buffoon?* It's ok, Roy.

                  *I watched this happen during one of DC summer league games when he sat in teh crowd after his game to watch some of his other Georgetown teammates who played for other teams.

  11. Maybe while the refs are looking at this footage, somebody can slip in some footage of all the fouls they've been missing.

    1. Yeah, he should be out of this game for that, but again, Rasheed Wallace is out of the league so David Stern has relaxed.

  12. Normally I would get onto Granger's case for whining even more than Love but the refs this game have a shooting percentage similar to Barea.

  13. I really, really want someone to punch Granger. The Wolves are going to lose anyway, might as well hit someone.

    1. I turned it off because its getting unwatchable and making me mad, but I'd say with the way the Pacers are throwing elbows and shit around, keeping Barea in and getting Rubio out would be better. The wolves aren't winning tonight, so no reason for Rubio to take more Hibbert forearms to the head.

  14. Good lord, 3 of 17 from three-point land? Not winning many games doing that. Gonna be chasing .500 for a few more games, I guess.

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