Game 24: .500 is in sight: the search for Curly’s gold

last night, there was no local tv coverage for our beloved Pups. Instead, FSNorth airs college hockey. No, not the Gophers, or any of the other WCHA Minnesota teams. (an aside: notice FSN never shows St. Cloud, Duluth, Bemidji, or Mankato hockey? Its like the Gophers are the only college hockey team in the state #bitterOutstater) They show Michigan-Miami (OH). Really? Heck, they could of showed North Dakota hockey and it would of made more sense.

Well tonight, once again there is no local tv for the most exciting team in market. FSNorth has got Wild hockey on the air, and I wont be bothered to watch that because they play at Dallas and the Wild hasnt won at Dallas since Manny Fernandez was the netminder (Im guestimating there, its been a long time) so once again I'll be monitoring the game on WCCO. The move from KFAN to WCCO seemed odd at the time. Why would the mighty Good Neighbor join up with a pack of misfits like the Wolves? Its not like they are going to bring in the ratings. Anyways, Im glad they are on there because out here in the southern hinterlands 'CCO comes in fine at night where KFAN (AM)dropped signal strength at sundown.

The Houston Rockets are back in town for the 7pm game. Kevin McHale was booed hard last time they were here. Did he deserve it? Probably not, but I just think it was the loyal fans of the team letting out years and years of frustration on inept draft picks and stupid coaching hirings and firings. Maybe the boos will be gone tonight.

Pek! had a monster night last night with 27 and 11 and should replace Darko in the starting lineup. Rubio is freaking awesome. @WolvesRadio tweeted some great numbers about Rubio

@rickyrubio9 becomes the 4th player in #twolves history to have a Pt/Ast Db-Db and have 6+ steals. #nba

In the last 5 2nd halves, @rickyrubio9 has 28 assists and 2 turnovers. #twolves #nba

@rickyrubio9 leads the #nba in 4th quarter assists with 56. #twolves

lets get that .500 mark!

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  1. According to the Rockets play by play McHale is in the beginning stages of working on a Fu Manchu.

  2. Wes Johnson is trying a new type of defense tonight. It is called laying on the ground.

  3. I enjoyed that Pek pick. Parsons is all like "haha! I'm guarding y.... holy crap, what is this wall?"

  4. You know what is so great about Rubio? He won't let bozos like Wes just sit there writhing on the ground acting like a corncob. Instead He will give him awesome lobs for sweet alleyoops. Dude is a legit leader.

  5. Heh. Rubio does his best Kevin Love impersonation on getting the foul call faking a three point shot.

  6. Hey look, Mike. You make a higher percentage of your shots from close to the net that you do from far away.

  7. The Rockets color guy just said that JJ was signed to take over Luke's starting job. Yeah, I don't think that is correct.

  8. Derek Williams almost just had the most awesome dunk in the complete history of slam dunks.

  9. If this game is going to go over 204.5 point the Rockets are going to have to start making some shots.

  10. Since the G-Men shut down my, uh, "league pass", I'm forced to listen on radio. Horton is awfully good, but basketball needs a picture.

  11. Xenophobic comments from opposing announcers about Rubio not knowing English - check.

    1. is a little more cosmopolitan; they named niko pekovic "international player of the night" for yesterday.

      1. They don't actually have a thing called international player of the night, do they?

        1. apparently they do. i'm not sure if they were so impressed by his performance that they made it up just to honor him. even if so, i'm okay with that.

          on a related note, i still can't find any baby pek jerseys...

  12. Rockets announcers wondering why the officials are "compounding" the problem by calling techs on Scola for him responding to something they didn't see. It's probably because they didn't see it.

    1. Didn't Scola whip a ball at Kevin Love's private parts last week? I think they are even now. All if forgiven. Let's move on.

      1. I'd rather get stepped on than take a basketball to the nuts. Love still needs to punch him in the stomach. Then they'll be even.

      1. Love hacked Scola hard, but I thought he was going to step over Scola until Scola put his hands up and blocked Love's leg. Still, not cool.

  13. Sitting in a theater at chico state, waiting for concert to start. Savoring the five beers I sampled at sierra Nevada. Yes, you are jealous. Ovila quad, best bitter, cream stout, and a specialty red ale, then a half pint of a blond ale to go with a Bacon cheeseburger.

  14. It's a good thing Beasley is out there. Without him, who would be jacking up 20 footers early in the shot clock?

  15. Dear Houston announcers, please stop talking about what a good dude Scola is. HE WHIPPED A BASKETBALL AT THE GOLDEN BOY'S GOLDEN GLOBES.

        1. I can't answer that, but I can tell you that if he did it in a crowed arena, everybody would join in!

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