2012 Game Logs: Game 25 Kings @ Wolves

If there was ever a team to play when your best player is suspend it would be the Charlotte Bobcats. Then it would be the Washington Wizards.  Then I would probably want to play New Orleans or maybe Detroit. After that, Toronto would probably be a pretty good match up. But let me tell you, after that, the Kings are a pretty good team to match up against when you are missing your best player.  With the Wolves playing the Grizz tomorrow night, this is probably Minnesota's best chance to win one without Love in the line up.

Sacramento has won their last 3 games including one game where Cousins put up a 21/20.  I have a feeling that PEK! will take this as a challenge to his manhood and will respond not only by shutting down Cousins but by putting up a 20/20 of his own. Then again, with Love out, Pek might go for 25/30.

And the matchup chart from covers.com

Matchup Edge

SAC Edge in: MIN
Field Goal %
Free Throw %


Alright, stop me if you have heard this before but good teams beat bad teams, especially at home. Time for the Wolves to show the league they are a good team.

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  1. No Love, no Darko (twitter)

    JerryZgoda Jerry Zgoda
    Darko! out tonight with sprained ankle. What happened to the bruised quad? Pek will, and would have, started regardless...

  2. I really want to know what the hell goes through Wes's head?

    "ah jeez, guys, there's a defender right here. I know! I'll back up slowly a bit, so that I am taking an even longer contested jump shot! That'll show him."

  3. That offensive foul was beyond hilarious. That was a better two-handed block than most Vikings threw this season.

  4. Now that I primarily live in a world without commercials, the line "Miller Lite has more taste" makes me more annoyed than ever. More taste than what? Rice cakes?

      1. Somehow, and don't be offended, but I immediately got it only after you said you immediately got it.

  5. Wasn't somebody looking for a nickname for Barea a while back? I think we should call him The Bellhop.

  6. I guess that was a pretty good first half, although I was hoping Rubio would make more progress toward 20 assists.

    1. Pek! is obviously just the best basketball player ever. I don't know why people even have that debate anymore.

    1. Pekovic was buried on the bench last year. #rambissux

      4th double double of the season, he has 5 for his career.... the math adds up.

      1. I think that's what he's trying to do, but I'm not sure. It doesn't happen often, so I could be mistaken.

  7. man, the Wolves D has been insane this game. How many times are the Kings making desperation shots with 1 second left?

  8. Latest they've been above .500 since 20-19 in 2007? Does this mean Adelman gets fired if we lose the next game?


  9. Okay, so the Wolves just had two days off. Hey Adelman, couldn't you have scheduled a couple of shooting drills in that time? Sheesh.

        1. I saw SCB was 7 for 16 for 17 points at one point in the third or fourth quarter, and I thought to myself, "meh, not bad for him". Then he proceeded to miss his next five shots and kill any sort of offensive rhythm. Let's not pass him the ball anymore.

          1. This is why dudes like him are always overrated. He'll have games where his jumper is going in and people we look at that and see these incredibly high scoring games. The problem is that anybody will look good when their jumper is falling at an unsustainable rate.

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