February 11, 2012: Nostalgia

It's the birthday of my best friend from elementary school. Time to call him...I haven't seen him since I had to miss his second wedding, which was marred when his wife's brother - part of a Somalian high school gang - invited some rivals to have a fight outside the church. Really.

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  1. Rugby Today:

    England @ Italy - 10 AM Central
    Ireland @ France - 2 PM Central

    And segue...I'm working on outtakes from episode 2 to be the next WGOM radio installment as sort of an episode 2 ½. My first idea for Episode 3 was Six Nations, but the panel might only consist of meat and myself. If you have any ideas about episode 3, please let me know either here or in the eventual post to come.

    1. Ireland-France match is on BBC America. woo
      Also NBC and its sister stations are airing Rugby Sevens this weekend

        1. Game's called on account of the pitch being unplayable. I waited around all night for nothing. At least I didn't bother to go out to the pub in this freezing weather we're having here.

  2. Ozzie Guillen says he knew early in spring training that Adam Dunn was going to be terrible last year, which of course does not explain why he sent him to the plate nearly five hundred times anyway.

    1. My little bro and his GF have just started watching Breaking Bad. They were part way into Season 2 when I asked which episode. To narrow it down, he said...

      Spoiler SelectShow
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        1. Spoiler SelectShow
    2. Spoiler SelectShow
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          1. Spoiler SelectShow
  3. Paging GreekHouse:

    I re-enabled MathJax globally. I switched back to the recommended configuration, which I had originally. Maybe it'll work better this time..

  4. back from the league tournament. Only six teams in the tourney, and the top 4 move on to the Div. III district championships next weekend. So, naturally, the Boy finished 4th (actually, he injury defaulted the third-place match; he's been hobbled for almost two weeks with a badly sprained big toe, but he managed to pin one kid today, losing the other match on points).

    next -- we go to yet another fundraiser dinner, to watch/listen to him play jazz.

    1. Oh that sucks. I've let it be known around here that her singles off My Love Is Your Love are still some of my favorite pop tracks. Jonathan Peters's 14-minute house remix of that album's title track is so many different kinds of perfect: a techno remix in movements that follow the fear and hope and trust found in the lyrics and Whitney's vocals. It's not just: "Hey, this beat goes well with those vox if we speed them up by 5%."

        1. I will not mock...this passing does suck. The timing is never good, but 48 is way too young. My friend unexpectedly lost her Dad last weekend and he was 62 - we kept say that was too young.

  5. Minnesota Gophers
    Congrats to Golden Gopher Wrestling - they took home the National Dual Regional title today and will advance to next weekend's Final Four! Results at GopherSports.com: http://bit.ly/A2ekiX.

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