Winterball Whiparound: The Batters

With the winter leagues completed, a final look at how Twins players fared.  We’ll do the batters today and the pitchers tomorrow.

The good:  Aaron Bates (Caguas) hit .356/.396/.556 in 45 at bats.  Sean Burroughs (Margarita) hit .316/.396/.382 in 136 at-bats.  Alexi Casilla (Cibao) hit .336/.419/.412 in 119 at-bats.  Brian Dozier (Mesa) hit .296/.358/.454 in 108 at-bats.  Pedro Florimon (Escogido) hit .300/.413/.400 in 90 at-bats.  Chris Herrmann (Mesa) hit .380/.456/.620 in 50 at-bats.  Aaron Hicks (Mesa) hit .294/.400/.559 in 102 at-bats.  Luke Hughes (Perth) hit .344/.500/.656 in 64 at-bats.

The average:  Joe Benson (Aragua) hit .216/.355/.373 in 51 at-bats.  Darin Mastroianni (Zulia) hit .255/.369/.363 in 102 at-bats.  Daniel Ortiz (Mayaguez) hit .246/.246/.404 in 57 at-bats.  Jairo Perez (Lara) hit .231/.375/.269 in 26 at-bats.  Wilkin Ramirez (Este) hit .247/.307/.358 in 81 at-bats.  Dereck Rodriguez (Caguas) hit .273/.273/.364 in 11 at-bats.  Jacob Younis (Sydney) hit .252/.319/.290 in 131 at-bats.

The bad:  Matt Carson (Estrellas) hit .115/.233/.192 in 26 at-bats.  Estarlin De Los Santos (Cibao) hit .158/.200/.211 in 19 at-bats.  Joshua Hendricks (Melbourne) hit .118/.211/.118 in 17 at-bats.  Angel Morales (Ponce) hit .220/.313/.305 in 59 at-bats.  Rory Rhodes hit .170/.284/.330 in 100 at-bats.  Rene Rivera (Carolina) hit .211/.242/.267 in 90 at-bats.  Deibinson Romero (Escogido) hit .176/.300/.176 in 17 at-bats.  Eddie Rosario (Mayaguez) hit .214/.313/.286 in 42 at-bats.  Rene Tosoni (Lara) hit .195/.283/.195 in 41 at-bats.

The insignificant:  Oswaldo Arcia (Aragua) was 0-for-2.  Josmil Pinto (Aragua) was 1-for-5.  Ramon Santana (Este) was 0-for-7.

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  1. The line for Hicks is encouraging. Dido Hughes, once he heals. Dozier looks to be ready for AAA and possibly MLB come midseason.

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