Game 31 7:oo pm. Hey look! We play Houston again!

I dont have much to say about this because I am sick of seeing Houston. The other day, Wolves Radio play by play man Alan Horton tweeted some good Pek! stats

1st 11g of the year N.Pekovic played 4min total. Last 13g (MIN 7-6) he's averaging 29min 16pts 10rbs 62% FG with 3+ FTA/g. #twolves

Pek is shooting 61.3%, would rank 3rd in the #nba if qualified. But he's averaging 7 FGM/g in Feb, at that rate will qualify in 3gms.

128 thoughts on “Game 31 7:oo pm. Hey look! We play Houston again!”

  1. Did the Wolves ever play the Rockets when Adelman was the Rockets' head coach and McHale was the Wolves' head coach?

    1. I love Pek!'s shot chart. Scola is going to wish Love had just stepped on his face again after Pek! finishes with him tonight.

  2. Love and Pekovic are the perfect combination. One gets all of the defensive rebounds while the other takes the offensive rebounds.

      1. Obviously Pek! is not good enough to be in the Rising Stars challenge.

        *Also, I can't type Pek! anymore without the exclamation point. I tried to, but it looked so wrong I went back and changed it.

        1. I'm not sure who started that. I think it mostly started because people would just post "Pek!".

          Otherwise, I'm gonna go ahead and take credit for it.

          1. It's all over Canis Hoopus, too. I think your first explanation is correct, but maybe you should try and copyright it.

  3. Halftime highlight is Scola doing a four-step spin move from above the foul line for a layup. You know, it's really hard to time your jump for a block attempt if the other guy just keeps on running when he should be out of steps.

    1. heh, i noticed that the last game i was able to watch. what the hell is that thing called? the bucket list, or something?


    I like to think most of us here were aboard the Pek! train well before a lot of other people

  5. i'm sure similar things for been said, but i love that pek! is a thing.

    (i don't mean spelling "pek" with a "!", i mean pek! himself)

    1. If the Wolves trade for Gasol and his $18 million, they are fools Kahn.

      They better not do that. And it would be over $20 million, thanks to his trade-clause kicker.

  6. Have the Rockets given up trying to guard the low post? I don't see Parsons and Patterson possibly slowing down Love or Pek!.

  7. Stupid LaTeX not working...

    Finally got it: \( {\text{Love}^3}^2 \). Apparently it doesn't like using ^ on an exponent.

  8. Love has been even more efficient from the floor than Pek! tonight. Perhaps we shouldn't forget about that guy.

  9. ROFL! Nowitski was complaining at the ref, a 76er stole the ball, ran right by him and made a layup. Dirk standing there scratching his head and still complaining to the ref

  10. raw numbers:
    Kevin Love 11-16 fg 9-10 ft 33-17 (3)
    Pek! 13-20 fg 4-5 ft 30-12 (9)

    complete domination for our bigs

  11. Kevin Love @kevinlove
    Someone please get Nikola Pekovic in the Rising Stars game...he deserves to be there!

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