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  1. Guess which member of the 2011 Twins said this:

    “I feel like I let a lot of people down last year, myself, the fans, especially (former GM) Bill Smith and the organization... They expected me to perform at a level higher than what I did last year and that didn’t happen.”

    No word yet as if he is in the best shape of his life-- or if that shape is a circle.

  2. This column about the Lakers front office falling apart goes along way towards explaining this.

    I understand the idea of needing a wing player more than Gasol. No one can really argue with that, especially after last night. But if you are giving up Beasley/Williams/Miller for Gasol you at least have to think about it, right?

    I mean, the 76'ers are giving up on Iggy. The Grizz don't seem to be trading Mayo any time soon. Ellis isn't coming here for Williams. What options do the Wolves really have on the wings? Should Minnesota just wait until Batum becomes a RFA and throw a ton of money at him?

    I think of it kind of like Houston did, if you can acquire an elite player you do it. Then again, if the Wolves don't do it, no skin of my back.

    1. That clown from 4ltr is saying no talks about Gasol since pre-season w/ Minnesota. Well, that makes sense. Would we give away Beasley for a trade exception, unless we are able to convert that exception into a wing player? I hope not. Beasley might not be under contract for next year, but we still need somebody to take some minutes.

      1. I am with you in that I think Beasley has more value than a trade exception. I also agree that Broussard is a bozo who shouldn't be taken seriously. With that said, I don't see any wings readily available on the trade market. Then again, just about any wing player in the league is an upgrade over Wes.

        If the Wolves hold steady and don't make any moves until the summer I will be a little bummed out. This team has a shot at making the playoffs and I think you should take any step you can to secure a playoff berth. Injures happen. The Wolves are almost good enough this year and by adding a piece like Gasol they are good enough this year.

        More than anything, I just want them to keep their options open.

        1. If the Celtics decide to move Ray Allen, would you make that move? He'd be a rental, but that would also leave them with money to try to get a more long term solution next year.

      2. The Wolves got decent production from Beasley last night (17 pt, 7-16 shooting and mostly played within the offense, 7 reb and decent/engaged defense). If that Beasley shows up a little more often it would be awesomesauce

        1. Beasley's "possession" with about 30 seconds left in overtime when he had the ball eventually knocked out of bounds (setting up Ridnour's missed layup) was one of the most infuriatingly awful offensively plays I've seen since BAJ left town.

            1. Incredibly stupid, but much more heat of the moment - whereas SMCB had plenty of time to help find a good shot but instead nonchalantly did whatever the hell he was doing before the ball fortunately (at the time) went out of bounds.

  3. Looks like Sheenie and I might sneak out to Vegas for a couple of days between my finals and graduation in May. Anybody have anything negative to say about the MGM Grand (neither of us have been to Vegas, so we're a little clueless about where to stay) and any must-see shows?

    1. I don't know if it's a must-see, but I just saw the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage. It was pretty darn cool.

      1. She did mention that if she had a preference, we would see Cirque du Soleil somewhere. Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. My culinary school roommate was the sous chef of Bouchon at the Venetian, so if you've got the scratch, I can tell you that you won't be disappointed. Then again, thirty bucks a plate is pretty high living.

      1. thirty bucks a plate is pretty high living

        $30 for the plate, extra for the food. but there's always brunch.

          1. just to be clear, I'm not opposed to high living. I have expressed to mrsS my strong desire to spend my 50th b-day at the French Laundry (eating, not washing clothes).

            1. I just thought it was interesting that $30 for the plate, how much for the food was the exact response I had when reading that. Doc, we're on the same wavelength. Too bad for you.

  4. I dont know why I clicked over to Deadspin this morning, but a couple of stories caught my eye

    ESPN loooooooves Jeremy Lin

    Lin's 350 mentions destroyed the record of 154 mentions set by Tim Tebow in the first edition of Bristolmetrics. That shakes out to 0.93 Jeremy Lin mentions per minute. Jeremy Lin's name was uttered more times than "if" (132) or "but" (241); his last name alone was mentioned 291 times, more than "are" (229), "be" (216), or "what" (207).

    and a nice timekiller about The Simpsons 'Homer at the Bat' episode that is 20 years old

  5. Baseball America releases their Top 100 prospects list. Of note to Twins fans:

    #18 Miguel Sano 3b/ss, Twins, Age: 18. ETA: 2014.
    You could see more errors than home runs in his first full season, but over time homers will go up and errors will come down.

    #99 Joe Benson of, Twins, Age: 24. ETA: 2012.
    Ready for his Target Field closeup . . . so he's probably headed to Rochester.

  6. hells yeah!

    @danharmon: What you call 8:00, we call home. Community returns to Thursday nights on March 15th.

    30 Rock
    has tanked in the ratings since NBC moved it to 7:00pm (then again, everything on NBC outside of The Voice has catered in the ratings

      1. Jagger is finally old and used enough to play the blues. (Keef, on the other hand, was ready about 30 years ago).

  7. Got up early this morning and got on the bike/trainer for CCC (coffee, Cervélo, and cricket). Got to watch the Pakistan opener before I had to go to work, but KP took a century today. Alistair Cook took 2 in the series - highest number of tons by an Englander. ODI debut by spin bowler Danny Briggs.

      1. Nice callback there, DPWY. I don't think there's enough symbols in that for AMR to parse out, though. Cricket seems very complicated to me.

      2. NBB knows more cricket than I, but I can translate a little:

        KP took a century - Kevin Peterson batted for 100+ runs
        Alistar Cook took 2 in the series - Alistar Cook went for two centuries over the 4 game series.
        Ton - another word for century
        ODI - One Day International (as opposed to Test Cricket, in which a single match spans 5 days.)
        Spin Bowler - This bowler relies mostly on the spin of the ball to make it change direction after the bounce. This is different from a fast, medium, or slow bowler who all rely more on the speed of their deliveries.

      1. Ochen horoscho! Spaciba, tovarisch!

        I still have much to learn about the sport of kashmir willow and Ashes. Fielding positions will take some time.

        Silly mid on - so now I know from whence Silly Walking sprung.

      1. one of my ex-colleagues at Big I state University went on to do analytics for a catalog company, then graduated to contract spook work for the likes of the "State Department". Always pay cash. /tinfoil hat.

    1. The article is super long, but a fascinating read. I am sure all major retail stores do stuff like this, not just Target. Frankly I'm not that freaked out about it. If Target knows we buy lots of Cinnamon Toast Crunch so they want to shoot a coupon our way because of that knowledge, I'm fine with that.

      1. Agreed, I thought it was really facinating and your response was my initial response as well.* I did like the father "Apparently there are some things going on in my house that I wasn't aware of..." part.

        *Full disclosure: my wife works for said major retailer.

  8. Hey 6 - A. Wyeth exhibit coming to H'ford's Wadworth Athenaeum in March. I will post links, etc. NBMAA has 3 that I know of. WA has at least 2, maybe more in the racks. Should be good.

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