LA Lakers @ Target Center 7pm

Minnesota has not beaten the Lakers in 5 years. I guess that what happens when the franchise hires terrible coaches and has little talent. This year is different. The Wolves have a different kind of swagger about them. Heck, they
swagger. Maybe this is giddiness about a winning record, but I am guessing the Wolves win this one tonight.

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    1. Kevin Love is afraid of the Lakers. Kobe snubbing the high five must have really scared Love.

  1. Muskies jerseys...oh man I guess we are doomed. Im going back on my predictions already!

  2. Im flipping back and forth from the Gophers game and the Wolves game. Ed Hightower of the Big Ten reffing crew is the worst ref in the history of refs. Austin Hollins just got fouled out on a phantom foul call.

  3. Remember when the Wolves were having trouble scoring 20 points in the first quarter? I don't miss that.

  4. Gophers up by 7 late, piss the lead away, lose in overtime. Saw that too many times this year.

    1. I thought Darko's strength was supposed to be his defense, but good lord, he's been terrible tonight.

  5. I listened to the first part of the Simmons podcast with Magic today. I have to give the Sports Fella credit, he gives Magic a hard time right from the get go. It was pretty funny.

    1. While on that topic, Boston 84 Portland 45 with 2:45 left in the third quarter.

  6. How on earth is Luke providing competent defense against Kobe? It doesn't make any sense.

  7. I love seeing Ron Artest having the ball in his hands with 2 seconds left on the shot clock.

          1. I actually now feel kind of bad for ragging on him so hard last season when he was playing in a role he was clearly not totally suited for.

      1. Gasol had exactly zero feet on the ground when he ran into DWill. That has to be one of the worst no calls I've ever seen.

  8. Whatever, the Lakers are going to win by, at most, 3 points without Love in the line up. Big deal.

  9. Lame.

    Has there ever been a guy that actually deserves purposeful and serious injury more than Bynum? Every time I see the guy play, I want someone to blow his knee out.

  10. I don't care that the Wolves lost. If Rubio is injured words can not exWes how much this hurts Minnesota.

    1. The douche lowered a shoulder at him causing him to kind of land awkwardly on his left knee.

    2. here is the replay of how he got hurt

      after seeing that, Im pretty angry. Kobe truck sticked Rubio and Rubio gets the foul. for stupid

        1. Looked to me like Rubio stepped in too far. His feet were in front of his body and he wasn't really set.

          1. I think he was set, but in terms of an actual foul call, I don't think it matters. When the offensive player initiates all of the contact, it's an offensive foul. You're not allowed to lower your shoulder and run through a defender.

        1. Just saw the replay on the news. I'm going to speculate a jammed knee. He came down hard on it, straight up and down, trying to stop short just as Kobe drove into him. I didn't see any twisting, it looked like more of a compression trauma. But I'm no trainer.

            1. The collision looks more like he just hyper-extended it, but that could be enough to take out the ACL. The trainer was checking his ACL at the end of the video, but when I tore mine the first orthopedic doctor I went to missed that it was torn. Really, no use speculating until after the MRI. Knee injuries suck.

  11. I think our guards for the next game will be Luke Ridnour, Malcolm Lee, Wayne Ellington, Martell Webster

    oh man

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