It’s 6AM, I’m watching the MLB season opener…

Dustin Ackley just drove in the go-ahead run in the top of the 11th. Mariners ahead of A's 2-1.

10 thoughts on “It’s 6AM, I’m watching the MLB season opener…”

  1. I know the A's have plenty of spare capacity for home attendance, but is it really good business to hold their first two home games in Japan?

  2. Ackley steals second, Ichiro drives him in with a line drive, then gets picked off in no man's land between first and second. 3-1 M's, two outs.

  3. I really, really don't keep up with the A's. About the only names I recognize are Pennington, Suzuki, Weeks, Crisp, McCarthy, and Balfour. The first time I saw Suzuki play was when he was playing for Cal State Fullerton in a February tournament against the Gophers in the Metrodome.

    1. Billy must be pretty confident in his position, because he ripped the heart out of the roster during the offseason by trading gio gonzalez, cahill, and Bailey.

      The cubano could be special, but this is gonna be a long season.

  4. I kind of wish the crowd was mic'd better. The picture quality also seems sub-par, but that could be on my side.

  5. And...the Mariners win. A's fans lose--wake up Wednesday morning and your team is 0-1.

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