2012 Game 10: Twins at Yankees

First Pitch - 6:05 p.m. CDT
Television - FSN, ESPN
Game Notes

Oy. Considering the season start we're having, heading to New York City for a four-game series against the Evil Empire just seems sadistic. What, the brain trust that is MLB scheduling couldn't wait a few weeks to add insult to injury? They couldn't wait until May or June to have the Twins demonstrate their futility in the Bronx?

Few things tickle me as much as the fact that the Yankees paid Carl Pavano 40 million dollars for less than 150 innings of work over 4 years, and the Twins have wrung 220+ innings out of the guy each of the past two seasons. So at least in the coveted IPP metric (Innings Pitched per Pavano), the Twins continue to outperform the Yankees. While Pavano has been adequate as expected in his first two starts, he's giving up more hits and more runs that any of us would like and would do well to pitch a bit less to contact and a bit more to the catcher's glove.

On the other side of the street, the Yankees send longtime lefty Twins nemesis Freddy Garcia to the mound. The last time I saw Garcia pitch, Jim Lehland was trotting him out against Ozzie Guillens' White Sox in a rainout makeup game that would send the Sox to a game 163 versus the Twins. The last actual time Garcia pitched, just last week, he threw five wild pitches, the first MLB pitcher to pull that off since 1989.

In a universe where karma moves faster than a rebate check from Menards, the Twins would win this game by ten or twelve runs and Pavano would throw a 130-pitch complete game shutout (come on, you just know that a-hole A-Rod would break up the no-hitter with a two-out Texas league dink in the 9th inning). But I'm going on the record as predicting that won't happen today, or any other day for that matter. All I'm asking for out of this series is a split and I'd settle for just one measly win. With Sabathia pitching tomorrow and former Dodger Kuroda on the hill Wednesday, today may be as good a chance as we get this series.

Play ball!

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  1. MLB.TV free game of the day! I'm sure I'm somehow in the blackout area, since I have been every other time, but still! It's free!

  2. According to the YES network the Twins have a bad record against the Yankees.

    1. Well, yeah, if you want to consider wins and losses they haven't done very well, but what about all the other stuff?

    2. Besides, when the Twins started the season 2-7 in 1991, the Yankees ultimately went 71-91 and the Twins went 10-2 against the Yankees.

  3. oooh. Yankme guys talking about how the Twins no longer play "Ron Gardenhire-type baseball". Not doing the little things.

    1. It's tough to get worse than Sutcliffe. I'd choose Joe Morgan over Sutcliffe every time.

  4. Terry Ryan looks like he is going to cry after giving that Perkins injury report

  5. I suppose you don't have to do any research to do an ESPN broadcast, but for the record, Jamey Carroll has played in 130+ games each of the last two years.

    1. I do believe that that fact was quietly mentioned (or at least suggested) and then quickly ignored...

  6. 2010-2011:

    99 OPS+ -- Jamey Carroll
    93 OPS+ -- Derek Jeter


    Age 38 -- Jamey Carroll
    Age 38 -- Derek Jeter

    Just sayin'.

      1. Carroll: Height: 5' 11", Weight: 175 lb.
        Jeter: Height: 6' 3", Weight: 195 lb.

        Nope, he's smaller.

  7. Can we call our new right fielder Trader Clete? Or maybe just Cletus? I'm not picky, but if he's going to play a lot, he probably needs a nickname soon. What does Gardy call him, I wonder?

  8. Ha! Right after they were talking about the pick-off attempt moving Casilla closer to second. Granderson was shallow and still didn't come close to making the play.

  9. Mauer is so intimidated by the Yankee aura that he only has a .999 OPS at New Yankee Stadium before his two doubles today.

  10. I feel pretty bad for the people at Youngstedts who likely make a very small amount of money and have to dance around in the commercial for their employer.

    That being said whoever is singing that song I give a thumbs up to.

    1. I totally would have beaten you but it didn't let me post because I was posting comments too quickly.

  11. Why the hell can't I switch broadcasts to Dicknbert? does the free game of the day only provide the home feed?

        1. By watching on TV, you get to see what's happening and listening to Dazzle you get 200% of your daily value of GOML.

    1. I've seen some magically expanding strike zones starting in about the fifth or sixth innings this season. Are the umps trying to hurry things up?

  12. I know Mauer hasn't been hitting the living fire out of the ball (yet), but was still surprised that these are his first doubles this year.

    1. he has had a couple doubles robbed by defensemen playing right on the line holding a baserunner

  13. That's right Sutcliffe, the Yankees can make the third out of the inning with just one swing of the bat.

  14. Pyramid wheat update: the wit was meh, ok. The wheat IPA had some nice spice, almost like a rye IPA. Up to bat tonight is the dunkel. Dark, roasty, with some pleasantly bitter/burnt grain/coffee notes. but still too cold. I should know by the bottom of the inning, assuming the Twins don't go down in order.

  15. Sutcliffe suggests the Twins need to score runs this inning to win. The sad thing is... I agree.

      1. Which is why I would not do it if I were a wolf!

        Which is exactly what a wolf would say. You should probably vote for me.

  16. A walk? ... A walk? ... Really, a walk?


  17. Yesmen: Morny with as many dongers at New Yankmee as at Tarzhay.

    so, does that mean they should trade for him?

  18. I know that Granderson caught that ball and everything but let's be honest-- with Morneau hitting the ball like this and Willingham striking about without even swinging I think it is safe to say Morneau should be batting clean up.

      1. I have Crystal Light iced tea and some Mike&Ikes while I "work" at rewriting some operating procedures. Yeah, my productivity is not very high right now.

    1. We had grilled buffalo chicken. I washed it down with a couple of home brewed English bitters.

  19. I have been trading texts with a Yankees fan friend tonight. When I asked if Pavano is he least favorite non-Red Sox player in the bigs he responded with "no question". I made a point to re-ask after that last strike out.

    1. I've also been trading texts with a Yankee fan friend. I asked how badly he wants joe mauer in pinstripes before the game. I re asked after the double, and then after the stolen base.

    1. No, it's supposed to be "THE TWINS ARE WINNING!!!!" Sheesh, I thought you invented that.

      1. Not even New Guy could predict a Twins win against the Yankees.

        Oh wait, didn't you bet a thousand million dollars that they would win or something?

  20. very busy with things, but checking in. are the twins scoring runs? i think something is wrong with my feed...

  21. Clete Thomas has a semi-decent chance to become my favorite Twins player of all time.

    1. He lost it on the first pitch of the game. Also, he lost the shutout on that pitch. Also, he lost the 1-run game on his second pitch.

      1. Yowzer, the rare and excruciating triple Radke in the first inning. Those will leave a mark.

        1. I remember that night vidvely. We left for a bonfire on park point with the lead in hand and when we started the car to leave we heard the grand slam happen. Boo.

    1. I think he was hitting 95 in the Angels (?) series and a lot of people were like 'whoa, who is this guy'

  22. So, it took me one day to break my "No Twins announcers" guideline. I hadn't realized the Yankees were next.

    I dislike Kay a little less than most, which is to say I only hate him a lot.

    1. It is cool. We still have Jeff Gray in our back pocket if things get out of hand.

  23. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. My buddy is expecting a new son soon and I suggested a middle name of "Carl".

  24. What with ii & Cuddiier gone maybe the Twins aren't a-scared of the Yankmes anymore.

    1. I watched the Rockies and D-Backs the other night when they were rain delayed and saw Cuddy hit a triple. I was hoping to see Kubel play but I don't think he was in the lineup.

          1. The team has come together nicely, but it's tough to figure out how between the occasional strange signings and the fact Bloomquist is the leadoff hitter every night.


    1. He should wear the number 11 or something. It would really help him to look thinner.

    1. If Parmelee got hurt, then you would have to use Hughes at first, and then if he got hurt then Gardy wouldn't have an emergency catcher.

      1. I seriously doubt Gardenhire would worry about something so silly. You are clearly entirely serious and YOU ARE WRONG!


  26. Disappointing loss for the Yankees because they led by a whole run after one inning.


  28. I know this game is over, but I'm honestly waiting for the 10th inning where the Twins blow it. I feel incomplete. In a good way, absolutely, but still incomplete.

  29. Linds just called, furious that I didn';t watch what she called "the best game of the season". I see I missed a good one.

  30. Didn't get a chance to chime in here, b/c the kids were dancing around all night, but the game was always on in the background. Fun one to watch. The only parts of the game I missed were the ones without scoring.

    Near as I can tell from this season so far, the Orioles will place above the Yanks.

  31. Couldn't have asked for a better result. Twins win and both my Yankees homer.

  32. So wait... the game was on ESPN3, and the Twins WON!? and I missed it? Newman!

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