343 thoughts on “Game 19: BoSox in Minnesota”

  1. It's winning Wednesday!

    From LEN3:

    Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine thought that Twins pitcher Liam Hendriks was a lefthander and had a totally different lineup prepared. Around 3:45, after Bobby V. realized that Hendriks was a righthander, a new lineup was posted in the clubhouse.

    Smooth, Bobby.

    1. I switched it up and had a Mexican Coke. I can get diabetes the honest way with real sugar.

      1. b-b-but the body can't tell the difference between HFCS and sugar! Sugar is sugar!!!!1111one1111!!!

        1. I like to stick to the Mt. Dew Throwback and Jones colas for the cane sugar. I get enough corn in my diet, I don't need to drink it.

  2. That's why you're up here.

    Attebury response to Gladstar's comment that he wouldn't have admitted to the Hendrick's left-hander/righthander gaffe.

      1. Habit I guess. Am eating in the kitchen with laptop (NBBW on work trip).

        Chicken saltimbocca with quinoa, carrots.

        Could prolly get the NESN on the big screen, but would have to listen to their propaganda, not ours.

          1. True dat. There is something zen-like there. Bet he picked up the koans whilst in Nippon.

          2. Stanley cup on the NESN. Did see that Legally Blonde was on - guess what would be on if she were here...

    1. Petunia needs to trim that mountain man midget beard.

      Actually, the less I can see of his face, the happier I am.

  3. well, at least we didn't have to see his noodle arm.

    No respect from Ortiz, and none deserved.

  4. That's nine consecutive games of at least four runs allowed by the Twins. They've allowed less than four runs only twice this season, and both times it was three runs allowed (one win and one loss).

  5. TK really taking the Sawks to task for the lack of a cutoff man.

    "I'm not sure what they're trying to prove there...it's a little different from the baseball that's been goin' on for oh...a hundred-some years."

    1. funny, when Bobby Valentine was doing ESPN games, he would call out teams when they have cutoff men in weird places.

  6. Never noticed before, but the logo at the back of the pitching mound changes. Yesterday it was the TC logo and now it's the M.

  7. It seems like it's a lot easier to score when you hit the ball over the fence for some of your hits.

  8. "Fun" Fact: these two teams have given up 102 runs each, coming into this game. The next AL team, KC, has given up 85. Then a bunch are in the 70s.

    (Rangers = 49 (!))

    1. That's gonna be a problem. It's been an annoyance for many directors who wanted me to grow a beard for a show to find out that I'm completely unable.

  9. Phil Hughes is the Liriano of the Yankees. He only went 2.2 inning tonight. 16 IP, 18 runs allowed

    1. is Derek Lee still playing?

      I love the disdain in Tk's voice when Tex's name was brought up

  10. stinky

    Rhett Bollinger ‏ @RhettBollinger
    After Hendriks allows seven runs over 4 IP, #Twins starters have combined for a 7.09 ERA this year (78 ER, 99 IP) #NotGood

  11. Revere doing everything possible to stay in the big leagues. hit a double, bunt for a single

          1. Would you be interested in doing an NBA playoff preview where we send each other maybe half a dozen questions each through e-mail.

  12. 42 minutes ago

    Phil Mackey ‏ @PMac21
    Joe Mauer hearing scattered boos after he pops out with runners in scoring position to end the 4th.

    1. He's going to have to win multiple MVPs to stop the boos. No, they still won't stop I think. Fuck you Souhan.

  13. Kids are in bed. Turned the game back on. Apparently things went well when I wasn't watching.

      1. Is that why they threw at the head of our only valuable young player? Value being relative, of course.

  14. Well, they made it interesting. I sure thought Morneau should have scored, though. Are they being extra careful with him?

      1. Agreed, although TK said something about not touching third, so that might have been a possibility. That early in the inning, you don't want to be overaggressive.

  15. Vicente Padillia is from Nicaragua. Of the 12 players born in that country to play in the Majors, 9 have been pitchers.

    1. You missed a disappointing start, an incredible rally, and a Twin getting nailed in the head with a pitch.

      You'll be here for the walk-off win though.

    2. To be honest, I turned the game on when it was 7-1 BloSox. I had to wait for the zooomx.3 and 4 to hit the sack before I could log on. Sipping on Apothic Red by the way.

      1. I've been watching the futility with RISP most of the evening. I was telling AMR the other night that I watch almost every game, but if I participated in the game logs, I'd have comment numbers like bS.

  16. I would be a lot more sympathetic to the Twins hitters' complaints about the dimensions if the opponents weren't constantly hitting balls over the fence. Maybe the hitters should complain that they never get to face the team's starting pitching.

  17. The weird thing about having TK in the booth is they talk about baseball the entire time.

    DicknBert talk about baseball maybe 31 percent of the time.

    1. I kind of like the fact that DicknBert avoid talking baseball much of the time. It makes them almost tolerable.

        1. Bert after a hit: "He left it over the plate"

          Bert after a called ball: "He needs to throw it over the plate and trust his defense"

          Yup... that's about all that HOF pitcher has to offer.

          1. He does occasionally nail it when he talks about setup pitches and what they're meant to accomplish.

            Unfortunately, he has the attention span of a ferret.

            1. I've said this before, but what I find most annoying about Bert is that every once in a while, when he's motivated to do so, he can do an extremely good job of breaking down a pitcher's motion and delievery and strategy and all of that. It's just that he's very rarely motivated to do so.

              On the other hand, what motivation does he really have to be good at his job? He knows he's going to be able to keep it as long as he wants whether he's any good at it or not. In fact, most Twins fans probably think he's a great analyst. He probably thinks, "Why should I work hard at this when I don't have to?"

    1. Who are you? I'm no one to be trifled with. I must know. Get used to disappointment. Maybe I missed it, but who in the h*ll is your new avatar?

          1. I'm with Corn. About the only non-sports TV I watch is if I happen to be in the room when Mrs. A has the Hallmark Channel on. And Doctor Who, of course.

        1. Honestly, I couldn't tell either. It wasn't that I didn't get the reference, it's that the picture was so small I couldn't tell what it was.

    2. Arrested Development Werewolf starts on Monday (hopefully), so I went with a variation on the pirate theme.

  18. Gotta like the bullpen tonight. They are making the Sox look a bit silly. Makes me even more depressed about our starters.

  19. "That was terrible, huh? Have you seen anything worse?" Please send bert back to socal or denmark or where-ever.

  20. Why do they keep panning to that shot of New Guy at that game holding the rally monkey?

  21. I like a rule that if a player leaves the game because of hbp the team victimized can re-insert a player if they want.

  22. THere is nothing NOTHING NOTHING worse than that "Ooh-Ooh... OOH-OOH" song they play to fire up the crowd.

      1. I've found some of her stuff pretty good, but upon reflection I think it all falls under the "No Doubt" umbrella. Her solo work definitely captures some of her unfortunate impulses (such as collabs with that Woo-hoo guy)

    1. A 5-14 record is pretty soul crushing, but at least two of those games they've lost by 1 run with eleventy bajillion runners left on base. I think they can reel off a few wins if they could just get a starting pitcher to give up less than 7 freaking runs.

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