Friday Music Day: April 27th, 2012

This month, my ADDled tastes have had me listening to a lot of late 70's early 80's dub music. Man, you should hear what Sly & Robbie could do to Black Uhuru's originals. Burning Spear was nice enough to put the entire album Marcus Garvey and the dub versions Garvey's Ghost on the same disc!

80 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: April 27th, 2012”

  1. Unknown Brother - The Black Keys - Brothers
    Howlin' At The Moon - Hank Williams - Greatest Hits V. 2
    The Real You - Suicide Machines - Destruction By Definition
    You Gotta Feel It - Spoon - Kill The Moonlight
    Far Away Coast - Dropkick Murphys - Do or Die

    Version - Fugazi - Red Medicine
    Oh - Fugazi - The Argument
    Traces - Built To Spill - You In Reverse
    Give My Love To Rose - John Cash - At Folsom Prison
    What We Really Were - Mission Of Burma - ONoffON

    b. Whore - Low - Things We Lost In The Fire

    I love that low album.

          1. I knew where you were going, so yes, and no. I lost that album in the fire, but that album was recorded long before the fire. To paraphrase Billy Joel, Low didn't start the fire, it was always burning, since the apartment was turning.

  2. 'Here I Am (Come and Take Me)' - Al Green Al Green's Greatest Hits
    'The Way You Look Tonight' - Frank Sinatra Sinatra Reprsie
    'The Denial Twist' (live) - The White Stripes Walking With a Ghost EP
    'Dont Come Around Here No More' - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits
    'Breakfast in America' - Supertramp Breakfast in America

    'Black Hole Sun' - Soundgarden Superunknown
    'What Made Milwaukee Famous' - Flogging Molly Alive Behind the Green Door
    'Human Wheels' - John Mellencamp Words & Music
    'Burndt Jamb' - Weezer Maladroit
    'Personal Jesus' - Depeche Mode Violator

        1. Where are your feelings strongest?
          Pre-Violator? (The 80's)
          Violator-Ultra? (The 90's)
          Post-Ultra? (The 00's)

          Whose vocals bother you more, Gahan or Gore?

          I know nothing of their music before Violator, but that has a few good songs (PJ included), and Songs of Faith & Devotion and Ultra even more. Since then, I've lost track. Of course, I bought the singles for the remixes, such as Plastikman's take on "Painkiller", LFO's of "Home", the Orb's of "Happiest Girl", Portishead's of "In Your Room", and K+D's of "Useless".

  3. .

    * Never Say Die - Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror
    * Crawl Away - Tool - Undertow
    * Adrift and at Peace - Nine Inch Nails - Still
    * Section II - Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble - Music for 18 Musicians (S. Reich)
    * Choices - Mudvayne - Lost and Found
    * Blood, Milk and Sky - White Zombie - Astro-Creep: 2000**
    * The Bends - Radiohead - Best Of***
    * Down on the Street - Rage Against the Machine - Renegades
    * Tonight - Staind - 14 Shades of Grey
    * The Grey Ship - EMA - Past Life Martyred Saints

    ** Rob Zombie is anti-Oxford comma.

    *** Speaking of Radiohead:

  4. .
    1. Ryan Adams - "To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)" - Heartbreaker
    2. Damien Rice - "Cannonball" - O
    3. Jeremy Messersmith - "Breaking Down" - The Silver City
    4. Barenaked Ladies - "The Old Apartment" - Born on a Pirate Ship
    5. OK Go - "Do What You Want" - Oh No
    6. John Cariani - "Miracle of Miracles" - Fiddler on the Roof Broadway Soundtrack
    7. The Decemberists - "When the War Came" - The Crane Wife
    8. Arcade Fire - "Wake Up" - Funeral
    9. Modest Mouse - "3rd Planet" - The Moon & Antarctica
    10. Wilco - "You Never Know" - Wilco (the Album)
    B. Bush - "Glycerine" - Sixteen Stone*

    Last night, Sheenie and I decided that the Current needs to have a weekly radio show playing 90s alternative music (sort of like Teenage Kicks, but for a slightly younger audience and without the constant Alanis Morrisette/Matchbox Twenty/Goo Goo Dolls garbage that's always on Cities 97 and that new station that used to be the station that replaced B96) and then spent about 2 hours digging up old music off Youtube: Better Than Ezra, Cake, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lemonheads, Weezer, etc.).

    1. So basically Barb Abney's Friday lunch-hour "Tonal Recall"? I agree that more of these should just be mixed in to their general rotation.

      Also, I love The Crane Wife, but I hate that song. Drives me crazy.

      1. Nah, not like her "Tonal Recall" because a) Barb Abney sucks and b) it's still mainly geared around 80s and early 90s. Music from '94-'04 is sort of a lost decade to the Current.

        1. I'll agree with the fact that they miss that time-frame. I won't agree that Babney sucks. She's easily my favorite DJ on The Current. Why do you think she sucks? And please at least agree with me that she's way better than Mary Lucia, who just spends all afternoon pining about her cat and waiting until she gets a chance to play AC/DC at 4.

          Also, for the record, Abney routinely plays my requests and we've had a bunch of e-mail conversations, so I appreciate her for a lot more than her music selections. No other DJ has reciprocated like Abney has.

          1. Well it's entirely subjective, but her on-air personality just grates on me. She overexplains everything (people don't need a 3-minute explanation of the "Song of the Day" every, single day). She also overplays everything from the late 1970s (she is completely incapable of not playing Joe Jackson at least once a week, for example).

            I like that all of the different DJs bring their own personal niche to the table, but hers just doesn't do it for me. My personal tastes have shifted over the last couple of years from most closely mirroring Bill DeVille's to now mirroring Steve Seel's.

            Edited to add: Mary Lucia also benefits from being the person who gets to spend time on-air with Bob Collins. Bob Collins makes everything better.

            1. Bob Collins is great, but lately I've been turning off the radio before it gets to that point because Mary is so painful.

              I'll concede the Abney over-explains and overplays late '70's, but otherwise I find my musical tastes matching up with hers a little more than most. I tend to be a little more pop/commercial than a lot of the DJ's, and Babney works with that.

              I've also found her Mondays to be generally well-planned out, with good variety, and then as the week progresses I enjoy her sets less and less, until Friday, which is usually pretty good again. It's like she plays what she wants to on Friday, and stuff that's a little easier to listen to on Mondays.

              Dave Campbell's song selection drives me nuts. Far too obscure. Something about Mark Wheat doesn't work for me either - probably too much old punk/ska. Bill and Steve are good. I'd agree with you there.

              1. Generally, my radio listening occurs only when I'm in the car. Here's how it goes:

                until 9am: Probably 90% Current, 10% KQ (number keeps dropping as Stretch is away)
                9am-10am: Pretty much always the Current
                10am-noon: Up until a month ago, I would say 75% Babney, 25% Paul Allen; in the last month it has shifted to probably 50% 1500ESPN, 30% Babney, 10% Paul Allen, 10% Daily Circuit (although I can't stand Kerri Miller)
                Noon-three: Reusse/Mackey (but I'm rarely in my car during these hours; used to LOVE Gary Eichten)
                3-630: All Things Considered 75%, Mary Lucia 25% (especially when Bob Collins is about to appear)
                630-on: The Current unless Fresh Air has someone particularly interested on

                Of course, all of those are superseded by any Twins games.

            2. Coffeehouse. That's how I'd describe my tastes. Babney is more coffeehouse than any of the other DJs.

  5. .
    01. Different Drum - Frog Holler - Papa Nez: A Loose Salute to the Work of Michael Nesmith
    02. Outlaw Blues - Bob Dylan* - Bringing It All Back Home
    03. Trista Pena - Gipsy Kings - Volare!
    04. Call Me Up - World Party - Egyptology
    05. Hang Down Your Head - Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
    06. No Matter What - Badfinger - Anthology
    07. Clean Cut Kid - Dylan* - Empire Burlesque
    08. Lonesome Reverie - Nick Lowe - Dig My Mood
    09. Hit and Miss Judy - Wreckless Eric - Big Smash
    10. Backwards and Forwards - Aztec Camera - Knife

    *That's Presidentail Medal of Freedom recipient, Bob Dylan.

    1. Not a lot of people publicly admit they have Aztec Camera's second album Knife in the collection. Kudos, you are made of sterner stuff than I am.

  6. Belle and Sebastian "If She Wants Me" Dear Catastrophe Waitress
    Rilo Kiley "We'll Never Sleep" Take Offs and Landings
    New Pornographers "Fake Headlines" Mass Romantic
    Strokes "Some" Is This It?
    Hank "Hey Good Lookin" Hank's Greatest
    Nick Drake "Which Will" Pink Moon
    Magnetic Fields "Punk Love" 69 Love Songs Vol. 1
    Minders "Saturday Morning" It's a Bright and Guilty World
    Bright Eyes "Haile Selassie" The People's Key
    Flaming Lips "In The Morning of Magicians" Yoshimi

  7. Blue October, "Holler", Consent to Treatment
    Flogging Molly, "Swagger", Drunken Lullabies
    Evanescence, "Bring Me To Life", Fallen
    Bond, "Time", Remixed
    We Were Promised Jetpacks, "A Far Cry", The Last Place You'll Look**
    The Postal Service, "Natural Anthem", Give Up
    K's Choice, "Shadowman", Almost Happy*
    Bond, "Hectic", Remixed
    Flogging Molly, "Selfish Man", Swagger
    Crystal Stilts, "Crystal Stilts", Alight of Night**

    *My wife's favorite song.
    **Thanks Google Music for the songs.

  8. .
    1.“Chores” – Jerry Goldsmith, Fierce Creatures
    2.“Atreju Meets Falkor” – Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Morodor, The Never Ending Story
    3.“Angel Bell” – Joe Hisaishi, Kikujiro
    4.“Midnight Sun” – Diana Krall, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    5.“Suture Self” – Ensemble Studios, Age of Mythology soundtrack
    6.“Not from Dixie” – Henry Mancini, The Music from Peter Gunn
    7.“Years in the Making” – Stephen Rippey, Age of Empires III soundtrack
    8.“This Time the Dream’s on Me” – Allison Krauss, Midnight at the Garden of Good and Evil
    9.“The Chase” – Keith Emerson, Nighthawks
    10.“Saying Goodbye to Those You So Love” – James Horder, A Beautiful Mind

    Diana Krall, Allison Krauss, and Charlotte Church (on Beautiful Mind) -- way to represent, gals!

    1. Music from Peter Gunn is essential Mancini. I picked up the Midnight ST for $2 at Half Price Books one day, nice little jazz vocal sampler. Plus you get to hear Clint sing!

    1. It sounds like Jack White to me. Which is to say that there's a lot of gold, but it's far too unrefined in places.

    1. “the golden eel” – weengolden eel
    2. “red right ankle” – the decemberistsher majesty
    3. “my old school” – steely dancountdown to ecstasy
    4. “turn” – lowlong division
    5. “when you wake up feeling old” – wilcosummerteeth
    6. “oh my god” – st. vincentmarrow
    7. “weekend” – dr. dogwe all belong
    8. “goat girl” – tonya donellylovesongs for underdogs
    9. “diggin me” – martin sextonthe american
    10. “normandie” – shout out loudsour ill wills

  10. Dead King Espers II
    Hark the Umpire Deerhoof Reveille
    Remember Iceage New Brigade
    Come Together Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
    Best Night The War on Drugs Slave Ambient

    The Last Living Rose PJ Harvey Let England Shake
    Caribbean Moon Kevin Ayers Odd Ditties
    Brought Down Thin Lizzy Shades Of A Blue Orphanage
    I've Only Just Started To Breathe The Delgados The Complete BBC Peel Sessions
    Doll Is Mine Blonde Redhead Misery Is A Butterfly

    bonus: Bell Screaming Females Power Move


    This young lady is a monster.

      1. Depends. Her voice is bound to rub some folks the wrong way, but she and the fellas flat out rip. They look like they would be awesome live.

        Pitchfork compared her vocals to Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) and her guitar playing to J Mascis (Dino Jr.) Pretty apt.

          1. Speaking of Janet Weiss... With ex-hubby (and Elliott Smith's partner in crime from Heatmiser) Sam Coombes.


  11. 1. Johnny Cash “A Cowboy's Prayer/Oh, Bury Me Not” American Recordings*
    2. Photek “Slowburn” Avalanche
    3. The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Fontella Bass “All That You Give (Doctor Rockit's Giving Mix)”* All That You Give EP
    4. Merle Haggard “I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can”* Strangers
    5. EMA “Milkman” Past Life Martyred Saints

    6. Björk “Dark Matter” Biophilia*
    7. Raime* “If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are” If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are EP
    8. John Coltrane “Resolution (Live)”* A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition)
    9. The Sight Below “Nowhere” Glider*
    T. Mike Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy “Ignition (Live, R. Kelly Cover)” Superwolf Live (Bootleg)
    E. Jimi Hendrix “Bleeding Heart”* Blues

    1. Can anyone think of any other album that shared its name with the label (other than maybe something from the label's founder)? To say nothing of actually fitting the music any better.

    3. Completely inessential. If I could remember that I have this on my iPod, I'd take it off.

    I'm gonna dedicate my whole life to this one plan
    But if I live and I have enough time
    I'll get even with womankind
    I'm gonna break every heart I can
    And every one I find

    I'm gonna think up a lotta good lies
    I'm gonna laugh when a woman cries
    I'm gonna have my selfish style recognized

    I'm gonna travel all 'round the world
    I'll be a threat to the sweetest girl
    I'm gonna break every heart I can or no my name ain't Merle

    Well if I never get around to you
    You're gonna know about the things I do
    They're gonna tell about the harm I've done on the latest news.

    6. Still trying to give this album chances. It's not taking advantage of them.

    7. Might be something else for the Demdike Stare fans to listen to.

    8. With only one version of ALS in my library, I sought out more. Sounds like there may have been only one live performance.

    9. Ambient guitar + effects. Maybe for fans of SOTL and Wolfgang Voigt. I put its genre as "classical" in my library, because it's music for those times. I need to get Michael Gordon out.

    Aside: It's been discussed before, but my genres are few and functional. "Classical" is often for when I'm reading or doing something else and I need to be focused. "Dub" has been working well for when I need less focus, and "House" has done the same with four-to-the-floors instead of one-drops. (I put the most assaultive, rockish stuff into "Techno") I could probably get by with merging "Dubstep" and "Jungle". Same for "Country" and "Blues". ("Blues" could go into "Rock", but that eliminates a useful distinction for more traditional sounds, and as my Country is mostly Hag, Cash, and the E-6 mix "Kind of a Hick", it'd fit well.)

    E. There's some Blues.

    1. My next big iTunes project is to assign genres. Right now it's pretty much Rock, Alternative, Electronic, or Classical - which doesn't help much.

      Although, to be frank, I almost always listen by artist, by album, or shuffle everything - so genre may be an unnecessary classification.

      1. Right now it's pretty much Rock, Alternative, Electronic, or Classical - which doesn't help much.

        my genres were all over the place and a little too specific. i started a project to generalize it a bit more, but i got about halfway through and got distracted. i haven't really picked it up again because I almost always listen by artist, by album, or shuffle everything - so genre may be an unnecessary classification.

        1. I hate "Alternative": it does nothing for me, so I just put it in "Rock".
          I take care of this stuff immediately after importing now.

          1. I do wish that iTunes let me assign more than one genre.
            For example, I'd like to have a main "Reggae" genre that would include "Dub", "Roots Reggae", and "Dancehall", and maybe allow myself to put some of those "Dancehall" singles in "Hip-hop" as well.

            While I'm making iTunes wishes, I wish there was an offensive lyrics field, where if I was shuffling, I could go into my settings menu and play only songs without offensive lyrics.

          1. Suggesting that 'humble' is a mood, eh? That would imply that you could be in a different mood, but we all know that you're always humble, so clearly it isn't a mood.

        1. Currently shuffling "Blues", which I did last night while feeding the baby.
          (I like vocal music when I'm trying to fight sleep.)

  12. 1. "Redondo Beach" - Patti Smith - Horses
    2. "Blitzed" - The Ravonettes - Lust, Lust, Lust
    3. "Ghost Town" - Shiny Toy Guns -Season Of Poison
    4. "Roses Are Free" - Ween - Chocolate and Cheese
    5. "Rest Of My Life" - Rilo Kiley - Takeoffs And Landings
    6. "Revival" - Soulsavers - It's Not How Far You Fall, It's the Way You Land
    7. "Yours Truly, The Commuter" - Jason Lytle - Yours Truly, the Commuter
    8. "Androgyny" - Garbage - Beautiful Garbage
    9. "Driving Nails In My Coffin" - Ernest Tubb - Single
    10. "Penny On The Train Track" - Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller
    Bonus: "Down In The Past" - Mando Diao - Hurricane Bar

    Hmm. Not really feeling it this week. Some classics on here, but mostly meh. The only one I really want to call attention to is #7. I'm always surprised at how strong the emotion is in that song when I listen to it.

  13. This music day has been a little too soft so far:

    01. Dark Tranquillity - "Mine is the Grandeur", The Gallery
    02. Pyramaze - "She Who Summoned Me", Legend of the Bone Carver
    03. The Black Dahlia Murder - "I'm Charming", Miasma
    04. King Diamond - "Mansion in Darkness", Abigail
    05. Entombed - "Out of Hand", Wolverine Blues
    06. Brainstorm - "Even Higher", Liquid Monster
    07. Nightwish - "Wanderlust", Wishmaster
    08. Halford - "Silent Screams", Resurrection
    09. Black Label Society - "Stoned and Drunk", The Blessed Hellride
    10. The Sanctuary - "Long Since Dark", Into the Mirror Black

              1. yeah, seriously, where've you been? we've been worried sick about you!

                (though i do get a kick out of 6 popping up in game logs, slinging some mud, then promptly disappearing)

                1. A little goes a long way, joe.

                  Plus, I'm not around my computer as often as I used to be, and typing on my iPhone ain't exactly easy what with my kielbasa-like digits.

  14. .
    The Clash - "Lost In The Supermarket" London Calling
    Blakroc - "Hope You're Happy" Blakroc
    Them Crooked Vultures - "Scumbag Blues" Them Crooked Vultures
    SOAD - "Peephole" SOAD
    MGMT - "Weekend Wars" Oracular Spectacular

    SOAD - "Ddevil" SOAD
    The Cave Singers - "Cleaver Creatures" No Witch
    Cliff Martinez - "Skull Crushing" Drive Soundtrack
    Outkast - "The Way You Move" Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
    Childish Gambino - "Backpackers" Camp

    1. i know everyone else has already said it, but i'll say it now too: that new album is pretty sweet.

  15. Incidentally, AMR, Black Uhuru was one of the loudest shows I've ever attended. Painfully so. The bass and drums actually so heavy that they caused my skeletal frame to vibrate. I left after about 3 songs. Too bad, because I had really been looking forward to that show.

    Honorable mention to Motörhead, My Bloody Valentine, and Dinosaur Jr (in the Entry.)

    1. The bass and drums actually so heavy that they caused my skeletal frame to vibrate.

      This is my favorite kind of show. Boris/Sunn O))) at the Walker, Yellow Swans at the Great Northern (in a room made up nearly entirely of windows), and Hammerhead at The Aquarium are my three loudest ever. The Wrens at the Entry would be next.

    2. a) when?
      b) did you have earplugs?

      I quickly learned my sound limits and started bringing foam earplugs to shows. Or if I forget, I buy them there.
      I had a full day of ringing ears after Lollapalooza '96 (Metallica, Soundgarden, & Waylon Jennings at the Iowa State Fairgrounds).

      I remember a show where I was able to tell that sounds were louder with my mouth open (because the sound was getting to my eardrums from there or something.

  16. Isn't random, but the last ten songs according to

    Cloud Cult – Everybody Here is a Cloud
    Anni Rossi – Crushing Limbs
    Hüsker Dü – Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
    Solid Gold – Get Over It
    Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles – Osbick Bird
    Caroline Smith And The Good Night Sleeps – Birch Trees & Broken Barns
    The Avett Brothers – Incomplete And Insecure
    Halloween, Alaska – All the Arms Around You
    Roma Di Luna – Miss You Too
    Modest Mouse – Dashboard

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