209 thoughts on “Game 22(?): Royals at Twins”

  1. I'd feel pretty good about the Twins' chances if they played the team shown in the photo in the gamelog intro.

      1. Hey, I applaud your pinch-hit single, Rhu. I believe sean was referring to the guy who was supposed to do the gamelog today.

          1. Good point- I hadn't noticed that part, but I had noticed the lack of that feature on the regular version.

            1. Yea, it's annoying in the full-screen version. You have to scramble to find out what happened if you miss a play while going to the bathroom making dinner getting a beer.

  2. I feel like the Twins are scoring much more often in the first inning this season than usual. Is someone out there willing to do the leg work on this one?

    1. LaVelle E. Neal III ‏ @LaVelleNeal
      Just the seventh time in 21 games the Twins have scored first

      1. Don't get me wrong, I didn't say the Twins aren't allowing runs in the first inning. They are just also scoring.

    2. They started out horribly in that department. They've been making up for it lately. I don't think they scored in the first inning at all until the Yankees series, then they scored something like eight or nine first-inning runs in that series alone.

    3. First Inning Runs

      2012: 14/77 - 18.18% (This is from BR.com w/o having updated. Adding today it's 18/81 - 22.22%)*
      2011: 94/619 - 15.15%
      2010: 132/781 - 16.90%
      2009: 103/817 - 12.60%
      2008: 81/829 - 9.77%

      Edit: The Twins scored 2 while I was compiling. Make it 18/83 (21.68%) now

        1. Rhu_ is correct. With that said, since the numbers back me up in this game I will change what I meant to what Mags wrote.

    1. Valencia hit a popup that hit off of the screen and was caught by the catcher and the ump called him out.

  3. So, two fly balls and one is a HR? Bandbox! Even when we're doing well, we don't have much luck, it seems.

  4. Willingham seems to have returned with superpowers. The only explanation is that he ate his baby.

  5. It's hard to complain about a double and a triple, but I can't believe neither of those went out.

  6. So, I fired up the grill (charcoal, thankyouverymuch) last night, for pretty much the first time this spring. Embarrassing, I know. But mmmm.

    chicken thighs, marinated for 2 hours in olive oil, soy sauce, pepsi, hot sauce and oregano. Asparagus. inside on the stove: Pinto beans. and store-bought sourdough baguette, with a couple of leftover Jubelales. And I made my LA Times avocado-tomatillo sauce for condimento on the beans.

    tonight, I'll be grilling a marinated chuck roast, which will get sliced up for tacos. More avocado-tomatillo sauce to go with the beef and the remaining beans (for the vegan girl). and Torpedos.

    1. I'm going with your standard grilled spare ribs with a generic rub, glazed julienned carrots and home-made steakhouse style fries. Working on finishing a mixed-bag of Spaten (Optimator, Lager and Hefe-Weissbier).

      1. oooh. I hope you are saving the Optimator for dessert. Else you might be eating boiled hot dogs.

    1. Spoiler SelectShow
        1. whaaat? Have you gotten tired of hearing your name on the radio? Did they ban you from winning?

  7. TV trivia question was name the 4 active OFers with 100 or more OF assists?
    Francouer is one because he did it Friday. Andruw Jones probably

        1. Oh, good lord. I looked it up. NOBODY is getting these.

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          1. I would guess Damon (because he had sooo many chances with his noodle arm) and, um, ... I got nothing for the other. Does Bobby Abreu still count as active?

    1. They must be taking a narrow view of active. BR lists eight active outfielders with 100 OF assists.

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    1. maybe the Inge to the Twins rumors (He is heading to Oakland. Sorry Luke Hughes!) got his bat hot

    1. I shouldn't try to type on my phone while walking the Calf and listening to the game on headphones.

  8. Ok. This game is in the bag. Our bullpen will shut them down the rest of the way, amiright? I'm off to shower and watch NBA action.

  9. Wow. Have you seen Matt Kemp's walkoff HR? That ball was on the outside corner at about his ankles and he hit it out to center field at Dodger Stadium and it was well over the wall. That's a lot of power.

    1. OK, not as far outside as I thought now that I look at it again. But still a low pitch hit a long way to center.

              1. Right, but I'm sure at least some of those batters I would like to see plunked, so there's that.

                Also, there would be the bafflement of the announcers as he continued to hit batter after batter.

                Adventures in SSSS (selected small sample size) are fun.

                1. If we set the minimum IP to 10, then the record HBP/9 for a reliever (no games started) is 3.3 HBP/9 by Jack Aker in 1964.

  10. Sheenie and I just got home from a 2-hour bike ride (including going under Target Field) to a lead?! Fantastic!

  11. Good job, Capps. No help from the ump and not much from luck/defense, but got out of it with minimal damage. Just the Twins' second win of more than one run this season.

    1. 6 wins overall, only 5 games behind Detroit Cleveland (!). Indians beat LAAA, who have 7 wins and are 9.5 games back of the Rangers

      1. Yeah, I thought it was funny when some writer pointed out that the Twins were 4-5 in one-run games trying to use that as evidence the Twins were just having trouble with the close games, but he failed to notice that the Twins were 1-10 in games decided by more than one run.

  12. Twins still have allowed at least four runs in 11 consecutive games and still have allowed at least three runs in every game this season.

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