2012 Game 30: Angels at Twins

Angels (Ervin Santana 0-6) vs Twins (Carl Pavano 2-2)


A O's


  1. Trout, M, CF
  2. Callaspo, A, 3B
  3. Pujols, A, 1B
  4. Morales, K, DH
  5. Hunter, T, RF
  6. Kendrick, H, 2B
  7. Wells, V, LF
  8. Aybar, E, SS
  9. Wilson, B, C


  1. Span, D, CF
  2. Dozier, B, SS
  3. Mauer, J, 1B
  4. Willingham, J, LF
  5. Doumit, R, DH
  6. Valencia, D, 3B
  7. Komatsu, E, RF
  8. Butera, D, C
  9. Carroll, J, 2B


90 thoughts on “2012 Game 30: Angels at Twins”

  1. Twins haven't won consecutive games since April 11-12 at Target Field against the Angels. Both games were won by Gray. So, a reliever has as many consecutive victories as the Twins do this season.

  2. I didn't get a chance to mention it in last night's gamelog, but the radio guys made it sound like Dozier did a really nice job on defense. Dazzle was a little giddy about him, even. No errors and lots of outs on balls that it sounded like he covered a lot of ground to get to, but again, that's just what the radio guys said. For the people who actually watched- was Dozier really playing that well?

    1. He has a good arm. Range-wise seems acceptable, but unlike Dick, I need more than two days to judge that.

    1. Bert, I think, said "You can't tell me the 3rd base umpire couldn't see that!"

      Well I can believe it.

  3. So Aybar reaches on a bunt where he was running out of the batters box and a duck fart after his bat broke? Sigh. This team is so aggravating.

  4. I think the Angels are most second most hated team behind the Yankees. Aybar, Bourjos, Callaspo they have all these players I cant stand. Before that it was Pervical and Salmon and John Lackey.

            1. Guess I forgot how to do the video paste since I was up in the PlayHouse.

  5. Pitch counts for Pavano's last four games: 110, 83, 69, and now 62. Trending worse.

  6. Would it kill them to find someone for the lottery circle who didn't sound like an absolute yokel?

    "They're good kids. They like to do lots of things. . . . They're good kids."

    1. We look for things. Things to make us go. Things to make us strong. Can you help us?

  7. Trader Klete drew 0 walks while he was with the Twins. Komatsu has 2

  8. Atteberry pulls a Gordo there - maybe they completely hosed it!!1110!11... Oh, I guess not - he's out.

    1. I groom/chalk the lines/all that jazz a softball field most everyday. Where is my camera crew to follow me around?

      1. If you write to Dick n Bert I'm sure they'll accommodate you because nobody's watching.

  9. Twins smash a ball that deflects off a fielder? Out, of course.

    Angels smash a ball that deflects off a fielder? A run scores.

    This team, I swear to glob.

  10. Did anyone hear some fan yelling after Valencia missed that throw? I couldnt make all of it out, but it was something like 'Im sick of all this crap ....'

  11. Well, back from the power outage here in the valley (during the biggest dust storm in my time here...wow. Just about tore one of our trees in the front from the ground).

    ...what did I miss...?

        1. Yeah - if your skin burns afterwards blow it with a hot hairdryer. That pushes out the histamines. Fact.

      1. I thought I had it in my second month here. I was tired for around a month straight. Just awful. Turns out I was just really thirsty.

        1. dude, no joke. After living in Abq I began to drink a lot more water through the day, and I took up a daily moisturizer regiment. The locals looked beaten to shit in their early 30s.

  12. 0 for 24 doesn't show the whole picture. That means Daz has been there himself.

  13. This game is BS. I can't believe after teaching for 3 hours, this is what I come home to.

    1. What's a natural predator for monkeys? We need a rally whatever-that-is.

    1. Marge: Donut? What's a donut?
      Homer: Aah! Aah!
      Marge: Hmm. It's raining again.

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