2012 Game 35: Indiginous Tribe vs. Split Zygotes

First Pitch - 7:10 p.m. CDT
Television - FSN (Twin Cities), STO (Cleveland)
Game Notes

After too many games against east and west coast teams, it's time to flip this season over and give it a good shake so we can focus on losing within the division now. The Twins kick off a two game series tonight against the Indians, just the second divisional series for the team this year. About ten minutes before the first pitch, Daughter the Younger will commence her final orchestra concert of the year. Las Vegas has set the line at 7-to-1 that I'll be watching the concert instead of the game tonight. Play something sweet, play something mellow, play something I can sink my teeth in like Jell-O.

Who would have thought when the season kicked off that our best starting pitcher would turn out to be a low-key 25-year old southpaw from Guelph, Ontario who didn't make the team out of Spring Training? Not me. But in his two starts so far this year, Scott Diamond has pitched 14 consecutive scoreless innings. That's been about the only bright spot to hit our starting rotation since Opening Day.

Tonight's starters:
Carl Pavano (2-3, 5.02 ERA, 4.35 FIP, 4.22 xFIP)
Pavano is coming off a weak start in which he allowed ten hits and four earned runs against the Angels. The loss was followed immediately by a precautionary MRI, ostensibly prompted by his velocity which has dropped 2-3 MPH from last year. The MRI showed only inflammation, according to the Twins medical staff, but Pavano had the results sent to his doctor in New York for a second opinion. More evidence that Carl is still the smartest pitcher in baseball.

Jeanmar Gomez (2-2, 4.66 ERA, 3.64 FIP, 4.01 xFIP)
After starting the season in the Indians' bullpen then moving into the rotation, Gomez got roughed up in his last start against the White Sox. The 24-year old righthander gave up eight earned runs on nine hits and four walks in 6 2/3 innings and had serious control problems through the first four frames. Let's hope he has control problems again tonight. Walks, balks, wild pitches and passed balls seem to be the Twins' best bets for plating runners in scoring position these days.

Play ball!

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    1. I read this, thought it was a typo and you meant "mouthing the F'Bomb", then realized what you really meant and felt a little sick.

  1. Well, I got the MLB audio going in time to hear the Indians were done batting, so that's a good start to the game.

      1. I'd like to listen on AM, but the metal-framed building I work in kills that signal, so I do the MLB audio subscription. Also handy for when I'm visiting my brother in Wyoming.

  2. Beautiful night. So I'm sitting out on the deck, fixing a laptop, drinking a tripel I made in January. Listening to the Twins on the radio. We just got done eating a fantastic grilled pork chop.

    What's in everyone's glass/on everyone's plate?

    1. Spaghetti with San Marzano sauce, baby Portabella mushrooms, sweet and hot Italian sausage, and garlic'd peasant bread.

          1. Oh, I know. I meant nothing snide by it. I just always find my mouth watering at the very idea of most of the meals you describe.

            The pork chops were pretty good tonight, though. I can't complain.

            1. I do most (all) of the cooking at our house and like to be creative/innovative. I find brianS quite inspiring as to ideas/things to try.

              1. Oh, don't get me wrong. BrainS' creations (as well as the creations of a couple of other citizens) prompt similar reactions. You just happened to reply to my original post.

  3. The addition of OBP to the stat line is nice, but unfortunately I don't think they show in every situation. I'm not sure if FSN only shows it in a player's first plate appearance or skips it when showing splits of dubious value.

  4. So every time a Twins player hits a ball off a defender, the Twins player is going to end up out? Sheesh.

  5. Good thing I am blacked out from today's game. I wonder if I would have been able to make it to the game after work. Let's see:

    Suggested routes
    946 mi, 15 hours 57 mins In current traffic: 15 hours 57 mins
    I-90 W

    . Head south toward Perkins Dr
    164 ft
    2. Exit the traffic circle onto Perkins Dr
    325 ft
    3. Turn left onto S Elmwood Ave
    0.1 mi
    4. Turn right onto Church St
    0.2 mi
    5. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-190 S/I-90/NY-5 W/Skyway and merge onto I-190 S
    5.1 mi
    6. Take exit 54-61 to merge onto I-90 W toward Erie
    Partial toll road
    Passing through Pennsylvania
    Entering Ohio
    186 mi
    7. Slight left to stay on I-90 W (signs for I-71)
    3.3 mi
    8. Take the exit onto I-90 W toward Toledo
    26.2 mi
    9. Slight left to stay on I-90 W (signs for I-80/Toledo/Ohio)
    Toll road
    2.1 mi
    10. Merge onto I-90 W
    Partial toll road
    Passing through Indiana
    Entering Illinois
    306 mi
    11. Merge onto I-90 W/Interstate 94 W
    15.6 mi
    12. Slight left onto I-90 W (signs for Interstate 90 W/Kennedy Expressway/O'Hare/Rockford)
    Partial toll road
    Entering Wisconsin
    163 mi
    13. Continue straight onto Interstate 94 W
    Entering Minnesota
    227 mi
    14. Slight right onto Interstate 94 W/I-94 W (signs for Minneapolis)
    10.5 mi
    15. Take exit 230 to merge onto MN-55 W/East Lyndale Ave N toward Olson Hwy/7th St N
    0.5 mi
    16. Turn right onto Olson Memorial Hwy
    0.2 mi
    17. Continue onto 6th Ave N
    0.2 mi
    18. Continue onto 5th St N
    0.1 mi

    Target Field
    351-413 5th Avenue North
    Minneapolis, MN 55401
    Save to My Maps

    Hmm, let's see, maybe if I leave now I can get there for tomorrow's game. MLB blackout rules are so dumb.

    1. That's only going through what, six states? I think the key is being less than a thousand miles away, that's probably the measuring stick they're using.

      1. If the game was in Toronto, less than two hours away, I could watch the game on tv.

        1. Yeah, but that's another country. You'd need a passport to go to the game, and how many Americans have one of those?

  6. I just saw this commercial while watching hoops. This is a joke, right? Please tell me this is a joke.


    1. Oh goodness, I think they are serious.


      1. Yup, I saw these at a bar last week. I did a double-take, then shook my head.

      2. yeah, i couldn't believe it when i saw thateither. i think their justification is something to the effect of "smooth pouring".

          1. These cans are different than other cans that don't have punch tops. IT IS FRIGGEN ALUMINIUM! THIS IS THE EXACT SAME CAN AS YOU USED TO HAVE!

        1. I figured this was to make shotgunning easier, and obviously you don't really care what it tastes like when you're racing the clock.

          1. personally, i assumed the whole point of this was shotgunning, aimed at the college boys. just dressed as "smooth poring" so everyone doesn't freak out about the binge drinking epidemic sweeping through the poor children.

      3. The other bit is that one of their spokespeople is some Nascar driver. I get that you need to brand shit, but how didn't the execs see that this ad is linking driving a car fast with drinking miller light. Brain. Dead. Stoopid.

    2. I dont drink , but to me that the design of that can pretty much caters to younger people who drink beer as sport and something about that notion just isnt cool.

            1. I was thinking of eyeballing it, but your suggestion seems like a better idea.

            1. It's all that they said it would be. One of the greatest I've IPAs I've ever had. This was my go to in Albuquerque.

          1. ooh. I just bought me one of those Alesmiths. GREAT brewery. Oh, and Unibroue doesn't suck either.

  7. Back from a shift where I saw almost no customers and therefore was able to make very little money for the store, but at least I got everyone sick because of our "Man up and go to work regardless" policy. Yay!

    I'm going to need a beer so badly once I'm finally allowed to recover from this (should be soon...Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off).

  8. Dazzle recounting the flagpole home run to Provus, but forgetting the context. Still worth it just to remember that game.

  9. Doumit had 2 walks in the entire month of April. He now has 9 in the month of May (1 IBB) and 5 in the last 4 games.

  10. I love Bert speaking about Pavano not discussing how his body is feeling as a positive. Wonderful.

  11. some of the crowd boos Joe.
    the same people will be cheering in the 7th inning when Mauer smokes a double somewhere.

          1. I lack a basic understanding of grammar and abbreviations. It's a challenge, but I generally work my way through it.

  12. Indians feed had a cool trivia question. Which three players have had 20-homer seasons for both the Indians and Twins?

    Spoiler SelectShow
  13. The Indians feed has been decent enough, but they're talking about the Twins' starting struggles by quoting Wins. "Liriano, six starts, no wins. Nick Blackburn, six starts, no wins. Anthony Swarzak, three starts, no wins."

    If they really want to drive home their crappiness with an imperfect stat, I humbly suggest their laugh-out-loud ERAs.

    1. Well, if they'd done that, they would've been embarrassed when Liriano's went down after that inning!

        1. That's when she mistook the red eye alcohol warning for a winking-eye alcohol suggestion .

    2. My ma keeps a pocket calendar posted on her desk at home. She highlights the wins in green and the losses in red, and yesterday she told me that it's like looking at bloody murder. I admire her commitment to keeping track, but I think I'd cry every time I walked into the office.

  14. Bert with a momentary lapse of candor: 'I dont think Liriano should go back to the starting rotation. he looks confused right now'

  15. Indians feed telling the story of Hafner changing his jersey number: he went from 9 to 32 because he wanted a running back's number, then went from 32 to 48 because he wanted a college linebacker's number. Well...alright, then.

  16. Just popping in quick to say that Santana/Santana/Ump trifecta was the best thing Plouffe has ever done in his life.

  17. Not much chatter on here for the stirring finish... or maybe it's because of the gripping finish...

  18. Parmelee struggling? No really? Should send him down rather than let Gardy burn his service time as he rides the bench.

  19. DFA Capps.

    You know, I should be happy that Gardenhire is using his closer in non-save situations. The problem is that the closer is maybe the 3rd best reliever the team has. Sigh. What a deflating loss.

      1. Him and Bill Smith.

        Edited to include this addition: I see now that clearly that was your point. I'm an idiot. Carry on.

      2. I think there's only one executive stupid enough to do that, and unfortunately he's still working for the hometown nine.

  20. I just got back from the game. Mauer tried to hit foul balls to me twice in the same at-bat but failed. There was a group of obnoxious people in the row behind me that booed Mauer incessantly.

    I didn't get how annoying the Mauer booing was until after he hit into that double play.

    1. Heh, that's surprisingly not far off. (meaning I really need a beard trim.)

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