90 thoughts on “Game 43: Scott Diamond versus the World”

    1. I can live with five 1987, +2 rWAR Les Strakers.

      In 1987, the cumulative rWAR for the pitching staff was +11.3. The primary starters, Blyleven (+4.1), Viola (+7.8), Straker (+2.0), Smithson (-0.5) and Niekro (-1.1) contributed a cumulative +12.2 rWAR.

  1. Matt Capps likes pancakes and so do I.

    Leslie Knope: Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?
    Ron Swanson: People are idiots, Leslie.

    1. “We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third.”
      ― Leslie Knope

  2. It's bring your dog to the ballpark night, so we're guaranteed to see puppies tonight!

  3. Sale starting despite having a sore elbow. The White Sox have been the anti-Twins with regards to injuries over the last several years, but this seems like begging for an injury.

  4. looks like the Sox scored a run while the tornado sirens were sounding.

    There was an all out dust storm and about 60 mph winds that blew through town. The across the street neighbor lost a decent sized ash tree.

  5. Dick talking about converting Feliz, Sale, and Bard into starters. I wonder if he realizes they're being converted back into starters. Feliz started over half his games in the minors, ditto Bard for his first two years in the minors. Sale is the only one that it can be argued is actually being converted, even though the White Sox said he would be a starter when he came up as a reliever.

    1. Dudes with personalities scare Dick, methinks. The only thing I dislike about O'Dog is that I occasionally have long conversations about him where I think we're talking about 0-Cab. Ahem...

  6. I think Coomer might actually be a worse color commentator than Bert. Can't the Twins at least have replacement-type backups?

    1. Yeah, I think he's much worse. He adds nothing, and isn't even occasionally funny when doing it. Bert at least gives some interesting insight about setup pitches on occasion.

    2. I dont mind Coomer. He is not the best, but he knows when to shut up unlike Roy Smalley.

      1. Smalley never shutting up means that he occasionally trips on something interesting, though.

        (Plus, does Coomer speak any less than Smalley? He seems pretty relentless for a color guy too)

  7. the answer to the tv trivia question is Tony LaRussa. he was the first AL Manager of the Year award in 1983. I dont know why I know that.

    1. Number of managers that have won the award with a losing record: 1. I wonder how closely the team's win improvement correlates with the manager winning the award.

      1. I went that way for a while, but then landed on a theory that it goes to the manager of the team that most exceeded preseason power rankings by the media, no matter how misguided.

  8. I think that was my cue to go home.

    Please, let the regression to the mean stop right there.

  9. Coomer trying to defend Pierzynski's ability to touch second base* then sees the slide and explains how it's obviously an out.

    * That isn't the rule, but no one seems to realize that.

    1. I'm having a Copper Bell Lager Beer. 2.99 for a twelver at whole paycheck. I'm drinking on the cheap to offset the belgian beer extravaganza I had last night. I love that the folks at beer advocate write actual tasting notes for this kind of beer.

  10. I have four warm cans of PBR on my floor. I could drink one for every Twins botched DP.

    1. PBR me ASAP.

      the Pabst people were way ahead of the times when it comes to texting shorthand.

  11. Hints to get Gladden's signature on your baseball:

    1) Hey Dazz, I've played you on a video game.

    2) I live by your mom.

    1. a friend of mine told me that she used to frequent a summer lake cabin in northern Minnesota that ended up happening to be the neighbor cabin of the one Dazzle would use as his weekend, uh, female-companion getaway shack.

      1. I got me a car, it's as big as a whale and we're headin' on down
        To the Love Shack
        I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20
        So come on and bring your jukebox money

      2. My mental picture of this cabin has it decorated with empty PBR cans and Homer Hankies- maybe a Harley-Davidson sign on the the wall.

              1. Is the part that you hate where they super-impose 1000 romans on the field of battle? Me too.

  12. Coomer suggesting Carroll's error was due to him getting confused about switching from short to second. Carroll has played 4040 innings at second and 1803 at short. Somehow, I doubt he was confused about switching back to his primary position.

  13. Six innings, five runs. With the way this season has gone, I'm actually pretty happy about how Diamond pitched.

  14. Dick commenting on Willingham hitting righties better than lefties. He has a .987 OPS against righties and a .957 OPS against lefties. It's basically the same!

  15. No problem. Everybody has a bad night once in a while. We'll just have to settle for 134-28!

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