105 thoughts on “2012 Game Who Cares: Tigers at Twins”

  1. Nice play by Casilla tagging out Cabrera on his single. Not so nice play by Casilla when he didn't toss it to second to start the double play.

  2. Oh, sure, the one time I could participate in a game log and nobody's here. Be that way, then. See if I care.

    1. i'm here, but being sidetracked by a massive honeydew list. glad to have you, though.

  3. I haven't been able to listen to a lot of games this year--it's good to hear that Dazzle's play-by-play is just as quick and bright as ever.

  4. Mebbe this will help - my state's motto:

    Qui Transtulit Sustinet - He Who Transplanted Still Sustains.

    1. Not to be irreverent with the Elder Wand comment, padre - we were watching Horcrux Central at that very moment.

        1. Curious - do you ever get 'advice' from above on how to posit on movies, books, etc. as to what the official position is?

          1. There really is never an official position on things like movies and books because there's really no one who can speak for the United Methodist church on stuff like that. The only real general governing authority is the general conference, which meets once every four years (and just met last month). They approve a Book of Discipline, which is a combination of history/administrative policy/official positions of the church. In terms of theology, it's pretty broad. There's a council of bishops, and they sometimes give opinions, but the only authority they hold is whatever respect one has for the council of bishops. The annual conference, at least in the Dakotas (which is the only one I have experience with) is mostly an administrative body.

            Shorter answer: As long as you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and don't do anything that is clearly forbidden by the Book of Discipline, you can hold pretty much any positions you want to.

            1. Interesting, and thank you. I always hear of this kind of posturing, but sounds like its more from the other guys, or fabricated by the media. I always laugh when I hear of a movie/book being banned by some religious group, knowing that its only going to increase sales, etc.

  5. Cory and Dazz are making it sound like Walters is getting squeezed, but I don't know if I can rely on that.

    1. Valverde got squeezed on Willingham's walk, but other than that the strike zone looked pretty wide to me all game- the pitchers were getting probably 3-4 inches on the outside.

  6. First and second, no one out. Based on last inning, it sounds like we have the Tigers right where we want 'em!

    1. I missed both runs while my Internet went down. It's been intermittent today. Very frustrating. After Casilla's RBI single, I was going to comment that he was more clutch than Mauer because he could get the ball to deflect in the right direction off the pitcher, but Mauer took care of that thought.

  7. Walters didn't exactly dominate, but he got the job done and has a chance for a win. Let's do it, Burton!

  8. I have to say, Cory Provus is kind of growing on me. I wasn't too sure about him at first, but I'm liking him more as I hear more of him. Maybe I just needed to get used to the fact that he's not Gordo.

  9. That's the sixth time in eight innings the Tigers' leadoff batter reached base. Only one has scored thus far.

  10. Well, you had to know they would get at least one runner on base the way this game has gone.

  11. I dont post a lot because 1 I don't have time to watch the worst team in baseball and 2 when I do watch is mostly on my iPhone so it's a pain to turn off the game and post. But I couldn't help come and add to the list of Crapps haters.

  12. Well, it was a fun ball game. Could've gone either way. We'll just have to settle for 130-32!

  13. That was the seventh consecutive save opportunity that was a one-run lead for Capps. This was the first time in that streak that Capps had allowed more than one base runner and only the third time he allowed any base runners. Hard to ask for much better than that.

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