2012 Game 65: Brewers at Twins

We finish our set with the Brewers today after a couple of rough games (I think; I typed this in the middle of yesterday's game and just assumed we weren't coming back. I'm cynical like that).

Alright, let's get excited about...

Greinke versus Blackburn?! Okay, so let's get excited about something that's not baseball-related. Suggestions: Beer, the NBA Finals, Turbo Survivor at CdL, stamp collecting, classic episodes of "Mama's Family," Sid and Marty Krofft puppets, smokeless tobacco and Christmas.

I'll actually get to see one of my Sunday games since I'm closing today, but I'll keep my optimism in check on this one. Still, there's always the threat of Trevor Plouffe hanging over opposing pitchers.

Go Twins.

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  1. Mr. Watts seems lonely. So I'll jump in with a very important opinion:

    I like Joe Mauer.

        1. Really just N+3 (though realistically, probably none of these comments, so N+3-X, where X is the number of comments in this particular string).

  2. Free game of the day? NOW I'm excited....

    I've got 30 minutes until I get to take the girl to her violin lesson. I expect some Twins offense.

  3. Alright, I'm just waiting for the end of this My Little Pony episode, and then I get my TV back. It's certainly better than I expected a Greinke-Blackburn score to be.

    I'm not sure how much I'll help with the sparse posting problem. My girls created activity books for me to do with them today. Those li'l honeydrippers.

    1. Activity books? Lucky. My daughter just crapped herself during church for me. Or is that one of the activities?

        1. I think the most surprising part of this response is the "anymore". You used to go to church?

  4. I got a discount massage (the Boy's karate instructor is teaching him massage techniques, with me as the "subject", which is teh Awesome).

    Some strike outs would come in handy RIGHT NOW.

    1. I've been saying that for a very long time.

      I'm wondering if any other team would be dumb enough to use him as a starter, or if he'll immediately find himself in a bullpen when he moves on because no other team has invested so much in him that they feel required to start him.

      1. Mop up reliever. No other team would see the upside in starting someone who is almost guaranteed to give up 6 runs over 5 innings.

          1. The official WGOM term is Groundskeeper, named after Willie Eyre, i.e., Groundskeeper Willie.

  5. Sorry that this game has taken a decidedly Blackburnian twist to it.

    I'M NOW A DUAL-MONITOR DAD! This is so cool, "working" on the widescreen and the game and Gameday on the second monitor. HFD dads, btw

  6. I thought I heard some on tv

    Phil Mackey ‏@PMac21
    Mauer getting some scattered boos for not reaching second base on that ball hit down the line, but hammy is bothering him. #Twinw

      1. booooo he doesnt play through injuries
        boooo, he is playing through injuries and doesnt take an extra base

    1. I've stood next to him while selling him video games. He is enormous.

      Hilariously, his...girlfriend? (she was with him both times)...is tiny. I'd say 5'3".

  7. Brewers color guy: "And that's what the Twins do, they'll dink ya and doink ya to death. They're not going to drive the ball much..."

    Eh, they're right in the middle for team slugging.

    1. It was sore yesterday, so I think it's just sorer now. Probably shouldn't have played anyway.

  8. I don't like pinch-running with Mastroianni. Not the go-ahead run and using Butera instead saves Mastroianni for something more important.

    1. He had struck out three (now four) times already. Seemed likely Greinke would hand him the Sombrero

  9. And the Bullseye faithful find in their hearts to boo Willingham, too. Honestly, I'm comforted by the fact that it isn't just a Joe thing, but a "What have you done for me lately?" thing. They're still idiots, but at least they're idiots across the board.

  10. The cut off line for making the throw is the 5th best throwing catcher in the game.

  11. Brewers feed has taken to calling Maldonado "Mr. Clutch." They prove it with a 5-for-17 sample from the 7th inning on. This is of course just in time for him to ground into an uno.

      1. I love the chance to prove announcers wrong when they proclaim someone to be clutch, but it's so much better when they prove it themselves by pointing out a solid but completely unspectacular BA in a tiny sample.

  12. Anytime I see Carlos Gomez do well I am pleased. Even against the Twins.

      1. He was insanely nice to my nephew (who was 2 at the time) at a game once. I liked him before that, but I've loved him ever since.

  13. The logical part of me is annoyed that the Twins got away with IBBing a right-handed power hitter for the privilege of facing two slightly lesser right-handed power hitters, but the Twins fan part of me doesn't mind so much.

  14. Brewers score one in the first, Twins score one in the third. Brewers score three in the fifth, Twins score three in the seventh. I'm sensing a trend.

    1. Forget robot umps...I'm thinking robot commentators could fill in for the Twins and the average fan wouldn't even notice the difference.

  15. Brewers color: "Span's not having a great game, why not just have him bunt?"
    Brewers PBP: "Well, it doesn't seem to be the Ron Gardenhire way."

    Where to start with this?

    1. Only the Yankees, Indians and Blue Jays have had more successful sacrifice bunts this year and I seem to remember several times when players bunted on their own.

  16. This seems like it would be a good situation for Mauer to be batting.

      1. And if Mauer had been batting, he probably would have just drawn a walk, so it wouldn't have mattered then either. Boooooo.

    1. Let me know what you think. I dug it a lot, but drinking it with my best friend while hanging out for the first time in a few years probably colors that experience.

      1. I opened the fridge and saw so many things that I knew would be delicious so I changed my mind. I will share with the nation when I do try it though.

  17. Ugh. I'm not even going to be able to see the end of my Father's Day game. Work in half an hour.

    This is my first Sunday closing shift in months. I'M THE ONLY FATHER IN THE DEPARTMENT! BAHHHHHHH

    1. I guess this give me time to watch the Euro matches I missed. If anyone tells me the results, I set Omar on you to slobber all over your keyboard and ruin it.

  18. you know its getting late in a ballgame when the announcers are referencing 2500 year old books.

  19. Even money now as to whether the Twins game will end before the Fire game I'm watching(it began at 4.20).

      1. I watched those live and this Twins game started 35 minutes before them. They ended almost 2 and a half hours ago.

    1. LOL.

      I drove the girl to Davisville (10 miles each way) for a one-hour violin lesson plus a trip to the coop for beer supplies, then went to Costco (prime Ribeyes) for dinner, then BACK to Costco (to return an item and get the correct one). and still.

  20. Holy crap! This game is still going on? Freeeeeee baseball on Father's day! I am here for Revere to end it now.

    1. If this game goes on any longer Butera is going to get his second relief appearance of the year.

  21. And the Chicago Fire games comes to an end. It started 3 hours 10 minutes after the Twins game.

  22. Dick now slamming our old friend Slowey without mentioning his name. About how he "refused" to pitch out of the bullpen. Ugh.

    1. It was Ploufffed. And dangit, I want this extra-'f' thing to stick! Perfect opportunity for it. C'mon people. He's not that good!

  23. 35 hits between the 2 teams, only 6 extra base hits.
    Twins with 20 hits, and Span had the only extra base hit with a double.
    Twins relievers pitched 9 shutout innings.
    Twins pitchers walked 5 and struck out only 7.

  24. Philosofette: "5 and a half-hour game? That's like a Yankees'-Red Sox game. Or maybe just a Jeter at bat." ::Pantomimes Jeter at the plate, fiddling with gloves, holding up the pitcher, calling time, fiddling with gloves, etc.::

    Not only is she a Twins fan, not only is she a baseball fan, but she knows the game well enough to accurately make fun of Jeter. I love her.

  25. I love extra-inning games, especially when the good guys win. I wish I could've been around for it. We're still on track for 123-39!

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