I Heart Pork Red Meat, you shoud too.

It's been a while since I've actually cooked dinner. We've been on the road in SoCal, then down to New Orleans, and when we returned home we went straight to packing up the house. The good doctor requested something good, on the grill, and contained in some sort of edible spoon. I cycled through the ideas, carnitas (braised on the grill... perhaps smoked... yeah, I'll do that one later), tandori chicken (maybe, maybe not), red chili marinated skirt steak fajitas? Yeah, that one is a winner. Recipe after the jump  You'll need:

A healthy cut of skirt steak (size is only determined on how many folks you're feeding), tenderize with a punch for faster flavorizing. There may be a thin membrane on the non-fat size that you should remove.

A large yellow (or sweet) onion sliced

poblano pepper sliced

red bell pepper sliced

Avocado if you're feeling sassy (grilled if you're feeling really, really sassy)

For the marinade you'll be using a bunch of red chili powder. How much is a bunch? I have no idea. For this kind of deal I guesstimate the actual measures, but I aim for a ratio of:

1/2 red chili powder

1/8 cumin

1/8 coriander

1/8 garlic powder

1/8 black pepper

A pinch of brown sugar

a pinch or two of cayenne (more if you want the heat, less if you don't)

a healthy dose of kosher salt

A splash of olive oil

juice from half a lime (or lemon if that's all you've got)

Method: Mix all the dry ingredients in a large nonmetallic bowl. Add enough olive oil to make the spice mixture into a semi thick paste. Dredge the meat on both sides with the paste, squeeze half a lime over the whole works, add half the onion sliced to the meat and spice mix, cover, and put in the fridge for 2-6 hours (or overnight). If you're going to marinade for more than 4-6 hours omit the lime juice until just before you cook the meat.

Light the grill, and have a high life while you wait for the coals to get hot. Meanwhile, sauté the onions in a little butter, add the peppers once the onions begin to soften, and cook until desired texture is achieved adding some chili powder, salt, pepper, and cumin.  The skirt steak is fairly thin, and even thinner if you've tenderized the meat, so it'll only take a few minutes to cook. I set the grill up with a hot zone and a zero coal zone for the inevitable flair up. I sear the meat on one side for about a minute and a half and flip to sear the other side, and it's done.

Have another high life while you're resting the meat, and grill the avocado. Serve these with warm flour (or corn...) tortilla, shredded jack cheese, sour cream, and another miller's high life.

3 thoughts on “I Heart Pork Red Meat, you shoud too.”

  1. Mmmmm, beef fajitas. Sounds delicious, meat. I may make this later in the week to use up the steak i accidentally bought for empanadas instead of ground beef.

    Wait, empanadas? Yeah, empanadas! I have recently developed the ability to make good pie crusts and wanted to apply it to something savory that I love, so I'm making empanadas. No High Life, though. Instead i have a cheapwit that needs more time because I think it got slightly infected.

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