2012 Game 72: Stacker of Wheat at L’Etoile du Nord

First Pitch - 7:10 p.m. CDT
Television - FSN
Game Notes

When you search the internet for images, you get a lot different results with "white socks" than you do with "white sox". But you might want to set your search engine filters accordingly if you search on "white stockings".

If there's a better way to wrap up this round of interleague play than by taking on our most universally despised divisional rival, the Chicago White Sox, I don't know what it is. Oh, wait. Yes I do. Sweeping a series against said Sox would be better. Much better.

The Pale Hose are coming off a weekend that saw them move into first place in the division and acquire Kevin Youkilis from Boston for Brent Lillibridge, Zach Stewart and some cash. Youkilis is expected to be starting at third base tonight, where he will be frequently mistaken for Yukon Cornelius.

Francisco Liriano: 1-7, 5.74 ERA, 69 ERA+, 4.36 FIP, 4.18 xFIP, 0.5 WAR
Jake Peavy: 6-3, 2.74 ERA, 155 ERA+, 3.25 FIP, 4.07 xFIP, 2.5 WAR

Play ball!

183 thoughts on “2012 Game 72: Stacker of Wheat at L’Etoile du Nord”

    1. The Twins have the chance to make their pitching really bad for the last third of the season if they trade Liriano, Perkins, and Burton.

    1. Yukon Cornelius: This fog's as thick as peanut butter!
      Hermey: You mean pea soup.
      Yukon Cornelius: You eat what you like, and I'll eat what I like!

    2. I want the Twins to win every game, but the wins against the Pale Hose are extra awesome.

    3. I actually liked Youkilis as a Red Sox. It's a bit interesting how much I dislike him now that he's in a Chicago uniform.

  1. Robby tells us about Capps's injury and says Gardenhire's closer situation is thus: "It'll be a combination of Burton and Perkins, and the game situation will dictate which of them we use in which situation."

    Brilliant, Gardenhire. You lose your "closer" and immediately you start managing like a f(*&ing manager should. Can we learn something from this?

    1. Hopefully. At least he realizes that he has two good relievers with different strengths. He also may be trying to keep some of the pressure off the uninitiated relievers by not designating them closers. Plus, it allows him to start one reliever in the ninth and bring in another without being questioned about designating a new closer.

      1. Plus, once Capps comes back he can still use situational managing before he is sure that Capps is fully healthy and ready to go. He also probably wants to avoid one of the two being a closer and being credited with a bunch of saves and then having to decide if Capps is going to lose his "position" because of an injury. I prefer Capps coming into a clean inning anyways and let Burton and Perkins bail out starters or other relievers with men on base or pitching in tie games or down a run. That's another issue, if either was designated the closer, Gardy would stop using them in tie games on the road or when trailing by a run anywhere.

    1. I've been considering season 2 of Louie on Netflix in recent nights. I figure once I start it'll take over until it's done, so I've held off. What I really need to do is get going on Mad Men again. Am I going on a bit of a tangent here?

      1. I just watched a couple episodes of Louie while I was waiting for the game to start. I'm super pumped now.

    2. That's my problem with no knowing where I'll be living. I have been passing up on concert and sporting tickets lest I be stuck with them half a country away.

      1. That's one problem, for sure. I'm making my second big move in two years, but I expect to be in the Baltimore/DC area for quite some time.

  2. I just missed whatever happened while I was dealing with the stupidness of MLB.tv that has plagued me recently.

      1. Hey, if a lefty can't hit it out at the Cell, I'm not sure he can hit it out anywhere.

        --I'm looking at you, Ben.--

          1. Yeah, I'm slow tonight- I read the gamelog intro about "wrapping up the round of interleague play", and managed to make that into "finishing up a road trip". Whoops.

  3. Looks like my mlbtv feed is about 3-4 minutes behind, so just ignore me if I seem a little slow.

    1. You watching on PS3? I've found that tends to lag a lot more than watching on a computer.

      1. I realized that as soon as it posted, I figure I deserve whatever I get for posting that.

  4. From LEN3:

    Josh Willingham, Brain Dozier and Drew Butera modeled the uniforms the Twins will wear on Saturday when they honor the Minneapolis Millers.

    I'd like to see these guys model the uniforms. I'm assuming Butera would have to be Pinky.

      1. Paying partial attention to the game while I pack for my big Eurotrip. I leave on Wednesday and I am about 10% prepared.

            1. Screw it. I'm not gonna pack at all. I'll just buy what I need when I get there.

              1. The inverse is a great idea - take old socks and boxers that you don't mind throwing out. Ditch them over there and it makes room for any souvenirs.

                    1. How do I convince New Gal that spending all of her savings in Italian boutiques is not a good idea?

                    2. Actually, a real question: would you recommend eating a lot of thrifty food and budgeting for one big fancy night on the town, or eating moderately good meals every day?

                    3. I'd suggest hitting up a grocery store and getting stuff for sandwiches. Make those for lunch. They're quick, easy to pack, mobile, and cheap. Then do a nice dinner.

                    4. Yeah that's probably the best way to do it. I'm a little concerned about our ability to stay within our budget, but I tend to be a worrier when it comes to money.

                    5. Avoiding "touristy" areas will help keep your meals cheaper. In Prague, for instance, eating in Old Town was nearly 3x what it cost not 15 minutes away.

                    6. Yeah that's a good call too. It should be easy to do in Bologna and Verona, but once we get to Venice I think it's gonna be touristy (and very $$$) no matter where we go.

                    7. I've not been to Italy myself, but a few friends have and from what they've told me you're pretty spot on about Venice. You'll probably just have to grin and bear it.

  5. Bert: 'Joe Mauer needs to stay healthy. he needs to be in the lineup everyday'

    WELL, DUH! Mauer cant help it that players are going out of their way to collide with him at home plate.

  6. Willingham switched his walkup music from The Outfield's 'Your Love' to Skynyrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama'

  7. I really hope that Revere attempts to steal home at some point in his career. I don't even really care if he gets thrown out, I just want to see him try.

  8. Dick'n'Bert obsessed with Liriano chewing gum. I'm pretty sure he's done that for a while.

    1. I also was amused that they're talking about chewing gum as something that engages the mind as if they're hearing it for the first time. A year or two ago those journals were all over (and even made it to Yahoo news, if I recall correctly).

      1. Only a year or two ago? Runner daughter's HS has allowed chewing gum for that reason for at least eight years now. It's time for the booth to begin chewing gum.

    1. I think so. He had his cap off for a moment early in the game and it looked like he had one.

  9. Okay, I take back what I said earlier about not caring if Revere gets thrown out trying to steal home. That was stupid.

    1. So... Joe Mauer plugs for Kemps, right? After this season, I think he should do an ad for MBooJrs.

      I don't know why this is nested here.

  10. I like Morneau too. He's donating money to the Duluth effort. Oh wait, is that too political? 😉

  11. Gameday Scout just told me that Perkins may want to go after Youk instead of De Aza, because De Aza's OPS is .07 higher. Too bad Perkins just got De Aza out the batter before. Scout, are you even trying?

  12. Plouffe! flashing some leather. It is magic!

    "No, hitman, it is an illusion."

    1. Point.

      Philosofette makes this reference every single time Ploufffe comes up.

        1. I'm going to have to ask, because your reference eludes me (not an unusual situation, unfortunately).

  13. I'm still hoping that the BitchSox's record against the Twins will be the thing that keeps them out of the playoffs this year. Because that would be awesome.

  14. 7.5 back.

    05/20 10:42 AM 1422729410- 1 Future/Prop $10.00 $8,000.00 Baseball Futures - Divisions Minnesota Twins +80000 for AL Central

  15. This game was almost as good as the pinto bean, potato and chicken burritos I made for dinner. Ruthless Rye IPA to wash it down. And watermelon.

  16. Doesn't matter what our season looks like, how far down we are, a victory against the White Sox is still ever so sweet.

  17. Awesome game! Francisco Liriano and Scott Diamond are the best one-two punch since Koufax and Drysdale! Jered Burton will win the Rolaids award!

    And we're still on track for 120-42!

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