Game 78: Royals 8, Twins 10

Another solo shot (x2) by Plouffe! (17 & 18)

Another bomb by WillingHAMMER. (17)

Another A 3-run homer by Butters (1) - wait, what?!? That's right, 4 homeruns in one game.

Another vulture for Gray (4-0)

Another 9th inning opportunity for Perkins (which looked awfully Crapps-Tastic) but in which he got the job done...eventually.

Another series win.

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The Twins are now 33-45, 6-4 over their last 10 and 8.5 games back of the White Sox. They head to Detroit for 4 games and Texas for 3 more before the All Star Break.

Joe Mauer is the Twins' lone representative to the Mid-Summer Classic (July 10 in Kansas City). He's currently hitting .324 with a .414 OBP and .445 SLG and is on a 9 game hitting streak (.388, 14-36).

In other news, Tiger wins at Congressional - passing Jack Nicklaus and into second place on the PGA Tour with 74 career wins. He only has eight to go to reach Sam Snead's record. At some point last year, we here at the WGOM talked about whether Tiger would ever win again; not would he ever win another major, but would he ever win again at this level. Seems like we know at least part of the answer.

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    1. Since all of the five players in the final vote are pitchers, it would seem the odds are pretty good for The Hammer.

  1. Plouffe has now passed Mauer and is second on the team with a 144 OPS+ (Mauer is at 140). In fact, Plouffe has a 144 OPS+ and 18 homers (Valencia led the Twins with 15 homers last year) while the AL's starting third baseman for the All-Star Game Adrian Beltre has a 128 OPS+ and 14 homers. The AL's reserve third baseman Miguel Cabrera has a 146 OPS+ and 16 home runs. The only knock on Plouffe is he hardly played the first five or six weeks (plus no one's heard of him).

    1. Danny Valencia last played for the Twins on May 9. Plouffe was inserted at third for five games and went 2-for-17 to drop his OPS to .504. He then had a day off before returning to the lineup (in RF) on May 16 and hitting a home run. Since May 16, he is batting .300/.349/.721 with 17 home runs in 37 games and 152 PAs. Wow.

  2. Miss SBG was in attendance yesterday. A little bit about how the Twins perform when she is there. All numbers are per game totals.

    Runs: 8.5
    Hits: 11.5
    Mauer hits: 1
    Butera extra base hits: 1
    Home runs by Twins: 3
    Home runs by Twins 3B: 1.5
    Home runs by irreplaceable magician or his cheaper replacement: 1
    Runs allowed: 8
    Runs allowed in opponent's last inning: 3.5
    Wins: .5

    Also, there was a major problem. We talked and talked about getting a malt cup and when we got to the ballpark, we found out that they no longer sell malt cups. She cried. I nearly cried.

    1. No malt cups?! That's un-American. I remember enjoying a maltcup with the wooden thing at Royals Stadium in 1986 when my father caught a Willie Wilson foul-ball with Bert pitching.

      1. This sounds like a cause that the Nation can get behind. We need a malt cup protest!


                1. I think Karl may be related to a few of the Stribbers:

                  Karl Welzein ‏@DadBoner

                  HOW? Are AMERICANS!? Expected to get blackout drunk on the 4th, THEN come to work the next day?! Someone should do somethin'. Maybe Barry O.

                  1. One thing that seems out of place with Karl's tweets is his grammar and punctuation (at least when he's sober). It's like the author just can't bring himself to write how Karl probably would write.

              1. They got rid of the ("Kirby") Bucket of Popcorn during their last season at the Dome.

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