Game 88: Athletics 9, Twins 4

Long balls v. no balls....long balls win.

Parker gets the win after his guys managed a cumulative 13 hits off of 5 different pitchers (out of 7 total used by the home club) including 4 more homeruns*.

Duensing gets the loss after a 41 pitch first and a total of 7 earned runs during his 2 completed innings. Poor shlub even walked in a run.

The Twins are now 36-52 (and a ghastly 17-28 at home) and 13 games behind the AL Central leading White Sox.

Good news:

Justin Morneau extended his hitting streak to 15 games with a single in the sixth.

Zach Parise threw out the first pitch before the game. That's right - the Wild signed a couple of amazing free agents this off season. Bring on the snow!

*for a total of 9 homeruns by the Oakland F*cking Athletics!!! during the 3-game sweep.

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