Game 107: Twins @ Red Sox

Time is running out for Ben Revere. If he's going to hit an honest-to-God over the fence homerun, you'd have to figure it'd be here or New Yankee bandbox. The problem, of course, is that in his entire career, he's only hit four balls in the air out of the infield. Things look grim, but this is the ballpark that has walls just over 300 feet from the plate (seems gimmicky, but I've been assured that it's not) If he really got into one, and the wind was blowing out at about 30 miles an hour, and the fielder Canseco'd it, he might have a shot.

Cole DeVries takes the ball for the good guys today. I've mentioned it before, but I really thought that when DeVries was sent back down that first time that he was gone for good. Instead, he's pretty much become our second best starter. I like his strikeouts, such as they are*, I love his walk rate, if he can figure out how to avoid throwing two or three BP fastballs every single game, I'd be good with him the rest of the way. Good Lord, though, those home runs... he gets grounders on fewer than a third of the balls hit in play, and a full 15.8% of those fly balls leave the playing field. If he keeps this up, I don't know how we're going to be able to rely on him come playoffs.

Clay Buchholz is also pitching, but he's a thoroughly mediocre pitcher, and no one cares about him.

* Fun Fact: At 6.2 k/9, DeVries has the highest rate of any of our starters (including injured ones), and the third highest strikeout rate of any pitchers who are still with the team who have pitched more than 15 innings this year. How is that even possible??

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  1. I ran 13 miles today. Next Saturday, I get to do 14, which will be the longest I've ever run.

    1. 6 miles today this morning for me - You are a god (or at least a minor deity). Are you in training for some competition?

      Tomorrow morning, I am doing Niantic Bay Sprint Triathlon - am hoping that my legs come back before then.

  2. My local liquor store recently cleared out a full aisle that had formerly been dedicated to wine coolers. They replaced their Arbor Mist and whatnot with craft beers. This decision on their part is not a good sign for my diet, but the fact that they've got Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale is too good to pass up. I'm quaffing that, along with a bit of my homebrew.

    What's in the glass tonight, Nation?

    1. I bought a 6 pack of Killebrew rootbeer at the local grocery store today. So I am enjoying one of those.

    2. Big Flats Light from Walgreens. $3.68/sixer after tax and deposit. Surprisingly not terrible.

      Dad and I have a cherry stout fermenting right now. I cannot wait until it's ready to drink. It already smells delicious.

      1. just got back from an evening out. We started here for some local, craft beer. The stout, strong ale, and blond were excellent, the amber was "meh," and they were out of the wit. Unfortunately, no seasonsal to be had (their IPA comes on line on the 17th).

        then we went into Sactown's Little Saigon area for a really nice, inexpensive dinner. I am stuffed.

  3. What do you call a Canadian police officer that rides a pony? 'Cause that's what that was.

  4. AW HELL YEAH! I just found some Olive Garden breadsticks in the fridge.

    I'm house/cat-sitting for some friends for a week and she said to eat anything in the fridge that will go bad before they're back. I know what I'm having for dinner.

      1. King James 2000 Bible (©2003)
        And he said, Verily, I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.

  5. Following this one on the phone at my niece's wedding reception. My first drink since The Thing, a glass of Cabernet because I am not drinking that f***ing merlot.

      1. (love that movie, BTW.)


        i read that sales of pinot noir and merlot noticeably went up and down respectively after that movie came out.

  6. I hope this is not one of those game where the Twins get 7 or 8 baserunners on and never score

  7. I'm really surprised Revere wasn't running on the infield side of the baseline, since it seems like he pretty much always does when he bunts.

    1. Wonder if he stopped that when he was called out for interference because of it. Though, in this instance, he was a step from the bag when the throw hit him.

  8. Revere now tied for 25th in Twins history for steals in a season. 35 would put him in a four-way tie for ninth.

  9. Chicken dinner is meh, buy the sweet and hot shrimp in a spring roll wrapper appetizers were awesome. This is where having a wife who dislikes seafood pays off.

  10. De Vries has allowed 3 hits and tosses 2 walks, yet he is on the hook for the loss if the score holds

  11. If they were going to bring out the lefty to pitch to Mountie, I don't understand why they didn't bring him out to pitch to Mauer.

    1. He hits too many line drives for HRs in this park, which really isn't a HR park, but a doubles park. Mauer would set a record for doubles if this was his home ballpark and he might just threaten to hit .400. It's not coincidence the last mant to do it played for Boston.

  12. Jeebus guys, I take the wife for a spin around the dance floor and we put up a four-spot? Good job. Did Big Pussy's blast make it to Quincy Bay?

  13. Another good outing from DeVries! Mauer saves the day! Burton slams the door! We're still on track for 102-60!

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