16 thoughts on “Sept. 2, 2012: Let’s Win Two”

  1. So I survived my soccer outing. Even though it was after 5:00 it was pretty hot and we all felt it. My passing wasn't very good but it was fun. One injury however. I had a nice shin-on-shin connection and my the side of my shin blew up to the size of an apple. Today the swelling is down but a bruise the size of silver dollar showed up overnight. Also even though I thought I stretched thoroughly beforehand, my groin of all places is really tight this morning.

  2. MLB.com says that Stephen Strasbourgh's final start of the season will be Sept 12.
    That seems to be assuming a lot. No rainout, no injury before that, no six-game suspension for throwing at someone's head, no end of the world, etc.

    1. He's at 156.1 after today, so September 12, assuming none of the things you listed or anything else, means two more starts. Assuming further that he averages six innings in both starts, that's 172 for the season. I remember them saying 180 would be the limit, so it seems kind of early. However, perhaps they feel his innings have been slightly more stressful than the average pitchers'.

  3. Im not the biggest soccer fan. I'll watch the matches, but I really dont know too many players (outside of about 7 EPL player and a handful of MLS guys) and dont know who is good (ManU is also on the leaderboard most years).
    That said, I love listening to soccer announcers call the matches. Arlo White on NBCSN is soothing to listen to, and of course Ian Darke is fascinating reading a telephone book.

    1. Jose Valverde is still an ass

      ugh, I cant cheer for the eventual AL Central winner, unless the Twins somehow win every game the rest of the year.

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