30 thoughts on “Game 137: Twins v Pale Hose”

  1. Two homers and six RBI by Alex Rios, and they're bringing in Burnett? Peace out.

    Rios has a 1.280 OPS against the Twins this year... prior to today. Barf.

  2. what is the point of burning through the bullpen today? If you are gonna bring Burnett in, don't you have to commit to him when you are down by 5 already?

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see PJ made it to the sixth inning, and not at all surprised that he's given up a couple more runs since then. Still better than watching Blackburn rubbing his forehead in exasperation as he gives up hit after hit.

    1. I completely spaced out during Rios' second home run. I had the game on, but I somehow didn't hear any of it.

  4. What? Hawk bailed out on the game early last night? And they call Joe a pussy?

    Take your lumps like a man, Hawk.

  5. Race to the Bottom
    Losses Year(s)
    102 1982
    99 2011
    97 1999
    94 1997
    93 2000
    92 1998 1983
    91 1993 1986
    90 1961
    89 1978
    88 1995 1990
    86 1971
    85 1985
    84 1996 1980
    83 2007 1975 1968 1964
    82 1989
    81 1984 1973 2012
    1. At 180 losses over the past two years, that's the fifth most in a two year period since the club moved to Minnesota.

      Race to the Bottom (2 year style)
      Losses Years
      194 1982-83
      190 1999-2000
      189 1998-99
      186 1997-98
      180 2011-12
      1. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that they finish closer to the top of that "Race to the Bottom". God forbid they make it all the way to the top.

          1. The Twins are 26-27 against the AL Central and have 19 of their final 25 games against the Central (12 at home), so if they maintain a .500 pace against the Central, I predict the Twins will finish with 95 losses, so they'll finish with the fourth-worst season and tied for the worst two full seasons. The worst winning percentage for consecutive seasons was .371 for 1981-82. To be worse than that, the Twins would have to lose at least 23 of their final 25 games. To have the worst ever season, the Twins would have to go 3-22 (or 4-21 to tie). They need to go at least 7-18 to match last year's record. Finishing 67-95 would be a four-game improvement at least. Baby steps.

            1. Of course, last year the Twins were substantially without Mauer and Morneau for most of it. This year, they've been there. /glasshalfempty

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