2012 Game 140: Indians at Twins

In the latest exhibition for a possible better future for these teams, Esmerling Vasquez plays host to Corey Kluber.

I'm not entirely sure I'll watch much of it. I'm half-heartedly watching football, wondering if it'll take this season. I'm not sure that's what I want to do, though, because as apathetic as these Twins make me feel, they're going to be gone for six months in just a few weeks, and I'm not going to be happy about that, no matter how I feel right now.

I don't know. I just don't know. There's fun to be had in watching terrible officials take forever to make the wrong call, but bad baseball can be amusing, too. Or maybe it's time to start watching the games with playoff ramifications...

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      1. Adjustments? Hah! Still, Peterson is capable of scoring touchdowns. They need to go for two just for Greekhouse.

  1. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. This Saints defense is not very good when they're not injuring people.

      1. Sorry about that. I had plans of chatting, but the trinket woke up from her nap way earlier than she should have.

  2. Carroll has a lot of those great attributes you like to see in a number two hitter. He gets on base a lot. He steals a lot of bases.

        1. And I'm extremely glad I renounced my NFL faith a couple years ago. How much did that stadium cost, again?

              1. They drafted Walsh from Georgia this year, released Longwell. Looks like it was a good decision so far!

  3. And Vikings win! Wouldn't have expected that when the Jags took the lead with 40 seconds left, but I'll take it.

    1. I have to admit I turned the game on with 1:30 left. Pretty exciting ending. Obviously, beating Jacksonville in overtime isn't anything to brag about, but hey, Peterson looks good and our baby kicker is a hero for one week. Plus, the radio guys will be less pissy tomorrow, so that's good.

  4. I like seeing Escobar and Florimon in the lineup at the same time, at least for the end of this season. Florimon hasn't gotten any time other than at SS (IIRC), so I guess Gardy isn't looking at him as a utility guy?

    1. I think he has gotten worse as the season has gone on. Not pronouncing 'Deduno' correctly for 2 starts was probably the low point.

  5. .
    My goals for Joe this season:
    1) finish with a BA higher than Jeter's
    2) finish with a BA higher than career BA (.323?)
    3) finish with the highest BA in the AL

  6. Hey, the Twins have their first lead!*

    *that I'm aware of in real time, so it's the first one that counts for me

    1. Just watched the highlight- Ben was playing shallow in center on that one- perfectly positioned, and then made a hell of a catch. Wow.

    1. With the new NFL rules, it wasn't exactly a walkoff, but it was good enough. Of course, only the Vikings could open the season with a dramatic comeback win in OT that might actually lessen the expectations for the season.

  7. Wish I could have been around for this one. Glad to hear it ended well. Someone owes us some puppies. We're still on track for 80-82.

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