70 thoughts on “2012 Game 143: Twins v. Royals”

    1. Span now with more career triples than Cuddy. That took longer than I'd of thought.

      1. actually Cuddy has 1 with the Rox, so he has 37

        Span has as many career triples as Todd Helton and Andruw Jones

        1. I think the Metrodome really helped accumulate triples. I think Cristian Guzman led the league more than once.

              1. Of course, b-r apparently thinks the Metrodome was an open-air stadium. His career splits indicate only 42 games played in a Dome, but 439 in the Hump.

                286/325/416 in the Metrodome (23 triples in 1691 AB)
                261/311/352 in the Cell (2 triples in 176 AB)
                305/333/401 in Jacobs (3 in 177)
                273/298/416 in Comerica (and 2 for 16 in Tiger Stadium) (4 in 170 combined AB)
                284/314/392 in Kauffman (6 in 194)

                He was younger and healthier in his Twins years, so that could account for some of the rate difference.

  1. Dazzle just said that Hochevar is "settling in". Does Dazzle not understand Hochevar, or is he just not trying?

    1. Or he just doesn't understand that there's a difference for a pitcher when facing the top five hitters tonight and the bottom four.

      1. When Hochevar pitched that 80-pitch CG in 2009, or that 13K 7IP game a month later, he still never settled in.
        I just turned the radio on, and the first words I hear Dazzle say is that the Hochevarest evar is "settled in."
        Just seems preposterous. Like "Tony Batista really has a lot of range tonight."

  2. Dazz on Ho-Shaver: "He's got...electric stuff...when it comes out of his hand."

    Me: I guess stuff happens on the ball's way to the plate.

  3. This KC broadcast team was doing so well--talking about WAR and fangraphs. Then, they start talking about pitching to contact.

  4. Dick talking about the Twins possibly being interested in Jeremy Guthrie. I don't even want to think about what would happen if a Jeremy, even if he is right-handed, joined the Twins.

    1. Hochevar's still pitching. He could strike out fifteen straight*, or he could give up 8 runs so fast Yost won't even have the bullpen ready.

      *Not exactly.

  5. More for the "I wouldn't hate him so much if the media didn't fellate him so much" file:

    Jeter exits hurt while hustling down first-base line

    I don't remember the last time I read a lede about him that didn't editorialize about his awesomeness.

  6. Neck Fat sighting at Coors. Walks The CarGo on five pitches in the seventh, gets pulled. On the bright side, he looks fit compared to Panda.

  7. R'als eats us.

    Looks like I picked the right time to bail. Trying to determine BOSO: that would be the pitcher to allow the run to score that made the game not a save opportunity for the KCR. Twins E# in the division drops to 3. Twins will still be alive when the Sox come to town for Friday's game. Twins could be eliminated on the field. At least then they'll know they deserve to not win the division.

    Twins Wild-card elimination is still zero, unless you want me to start going negative.

    1. Forgot to rule on the BOSO:
      it goes to Kyle Waldrop. Came into the game with the score 5-8 (opposition save opp). Left with the game 5-10 (opposition save opp blown).

  8. It was a good game until the eighth, when a DSL game broke out. Obviously, Delmon Young messed up left field so badly that it's still impossible for anyone to play it. We'll have to settle for 78-84.

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