September 23, 2012: Recovery

Alright. The elder daughter is eight now, and it seems everyone will be sleeping to their regular schedule tonight...rather than staying up until 2:30am. I didn't even know young kids could pull that off.

8 thoughts on “September 23, 2012: Recovery”

  1. browsing through b-r this morning, I see Ben Revere has as many stolen bases as Shane Mack as a Twin (71). But somehow Gary Gaetti had 74 SB during his run as a Twin, and Greg Gagne had only 79.

    Also, Denard Span's 89 is tied with Nick Punto for 10th on the all time Twins stolen base list.

  2. We have safely landed in Buffalo. The drive went off with out a hitch. There is a nice vista or two on I-90 from Cleveland to Buffalo. Now on to apt viewings and hopefully interviews.

      1. We wanted to move to NY state for tuition purposes for the next academic year. We decided to move first to Buffalo because The Hitman is here so we aren't flying blind, and he's been nothing but super helpful.

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