51 thoughts on “2012 Game 156: Yanks Twins”

  1. I'm sitting next to a Yankee fan here at work. I had to explain to him what "moral victories" mean in reference to the Twins possibly winning the season series today.

      1. I didn't. I explained what moral victories are, but then said he could never really understand the moral part.

  2. If Duderino can win this game against the Yew Norks, He'll be my favorite Twin since Chuck James was released.

    1. They said on the radio that it's a "left eye issue." I assume he'll have to have both of his eyes removed. We'll miss you, Samuel.

  3. Even if I'm not particularly listening, I just find the sounds of a ball game on the radio a wonderful thing.

  4. Was Casilla smart enough to drop that on purpose to get the double play, or did it just work out that way?

    1. I think all of the Yankees' numbers did in those days. They were among the first to start using uniform numbers if I remember right.

      **runs off to Google to see if he's right**

      edit: sorta, the wiki is enlightening, as usual.

  5. If I see Scout No Sh!t (which won't shut off for some reason) tell me one more time "[pitcher X] really trusts [catch Y] to throw that pitch in the dirt with a runner on 3rd" I'm going to switch to Classic Gameday

      1. Or Gameday classic.
        Go into the URL and where it says "mode=gameday", change it to "mode=classic"
        Or, you can just click the "classic" button, but this lets you refresh the window and stay at classic. (Particularly necessary as my work computer often stops updating or has missing at-bats.

  6. I have to say, I really like the incentives created by the new playoff system. Even if Baltimore really falls off pace and the Yanks clinch the East early, they really ought to be fighting hard to edge out Texas for the 1st overall seed, so they can get the edge over their 1st round opponent in setting their rotation. And all of the wild card teams are going to be fighting for the best record they can get because home field matters a lot more in a one game "series" than a 5- or 7-game series.

  7. Well, getting pulled away from the game didn't turn out that poorly. Duderino would have gone the distance against Carsten Charles.

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