Game 158: Well, that’s done and over with.

I was pretty sure what kind of game I was getting when I saw the pitching matchup, but the game ended up being a lot more interesting than I would've believed it could be.

The seats (Section 110, row 5) were excellent. Target Field really doesn't have any bad seats, but these seats are solidly above any of the other ones I've sat in there. The day itself was gorgeous - perfect temperature, just the slightest of breezes, clear sky. The crowd was sort of docile (except for the obnoxious Tigers fan who started an 'M-V-P!' chant as Miggy circled the bases. after his backbreaker. It was a great game experience.

I just wish the result would've been better.


* Doumit's home run was an agonizer, because it was hard to tell whether or not it was going to make it. It's always fun to see a home run live, but that one was even better.
* What exactly is it about Al Alburquerque?
* I noticed this at the last game I was at, but "When the Levee Breaks" is probably the most ominous "crap is about to go down" walkup music ever. Nice call by Plouffe.
* Linds wore her Morneau shirt without getting harassed this time. That's a plus, I suppose.