Game #almost the last.

twins lost, i'm pretty sure. i didn't see it as i was knee deep in writing challenges and sick family. now, i'm waiting at o'hare for a quickie with buffalo (the city, not the dude). talk about the game here if you want. or not. free country, i guess.

5 thoughts on “Game #almost the last.”

  1. Though less unexpected than Fein & Burton HR, Perkins' allowing the game-tying homerun with 2 outs in the 9th was a real doozy.

    1. HR by some guy I never heard of off Perkins is less unexpected than a HR by Fielder off Burton? No way.

      1. Well yeah, to me it was.* In 70.1 innings, Perkins has only given up 8 homeruns (out of 57 hits), or 1 every 8.79 innings. His WHIP is 1.038. In 60 innings, Burton has only given up 5 homeruns (out of 41 hits), or 1 every 12 innings. His WHIP is .919.
        *Though I'll admit I didn't consider the batter

        1. Also: same place as the Andruw Jones homer against the Yankmes from a week earlier.
          K K PH-HR

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