Game #162 Recap: The beatings are over. Finally. Thank goodness.

Twins 1, Blue Jays 2, wait, seriously? Of Course the Twins would end the season with a whimper.

LP: Diamond (12-9 3.54 ERA), WP: Morrow (10-7 2.96 ERA)

Save (Onesies!): Lyon (1(!))

Welp, as another season of Twins baseball comes to a close so does the another King of the Savers Race. Baltimbrel put up outstanding numbers, they just couldn't keep up with save juggernaut Jim Johnson. Johnson converted 51 of 54 save opportunities to take the gold crown off Dancie McFartsalot. We should all tweet him our congratulations with the hashtag #thankgoodnessthereignofdanciemcfartsalotisover.



There were few positives to this game, and to recap them would take less time than I spent placing the crown on Jim Johnson. I'd like to do an end of season positives, but I feel like focusing my energy on things that don't depress me. I hear the timberpups are going to be fun to watch this season.

Culture club: PS2 in Belfast is an artist run project space where they encourage curators and artists to create challenging exhibitions that focus on urban interventions and social interaction between artists and the greater community of activists and theorists. There will be a more in-depth culture club post on Northern Ireland when I get around to it.

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