55 thoughts on “2012 MLB Playoffs: Saturday with the Bay Area”

    1. I also like the A's, but I would cheer for the O's over the A's if it hopefully comes down to it just to get Jim Thome and Lew Ford to the WS. I like Hardy, too, but it would be pretty painful to see him starting for the AL champs in the WS.

    2. Then again, I would definitely want to see Neshek get to the WS after the tragedy in his life, so I guess I would be pretty torn. Now that I think about it, I probably would cheer for the A's just for Neshek.

      1. I would probably be cheering for Neshek's team first regardless of the tragedy, but good ol' Jimbo and Lew making it to the WS if that's not to be would be a comforting backup idea.

  1. So have there been many "Turns Out, Billy Beane Is Still a Genius" columns written over the last couple months?

      1. Not McCarthy either. Remember, he got his head cracked open. Not Colon either. He got suspended for PEDs.

    1. My blog's two greatest contributions to humanity: the Neshek Button and the Nick Punto motivational poster.

    2. I only caught the boxscore and play-by-play, but that was definitely an effective Neshek button.

      1. I was choked up just watching. the TBS squawkers, shockingly, did not beat the issue to death either.

  2. Nice, Dusty having someone hitting .246/.288/.399 batting second. I'm sure he bunts really well though.

  3. Just like Dusty to burn through his bullpen like that, even after his starter has a K/9 in the 20's.

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