WGOM Fitness: October 6, 2012, Day Off

Today is my first day off of work in the last 13 and I'm also not going to paint today. I will be painting tomorrow while my wife is off to the movies; today is a day to do some odd jobs around the place. I slept in this morning, as yesterday wasn't a good sleeping night, so I haven't gotten to the gym yet. I will, though.

I worked on the hydration a little more yesterday and I think that worked better. I felt better and the scale went down. I had a few days this week where I didn't feel very good, I was so achy. I thought I was drinking water, but looking back, I really wasn't. In G-Town, the coffee isn't very good, but it's plentiful and it's very close to my office. So, I was drinking coffee when I should have been drinking water. I have to get back to drinking the water and I did yesterday with better overall results.

Day 74
Weight: 246.4
Total Loss: 38.1
Estimated Days until goal weight: 88.9