2012 MLB Playoffs: Sunday 10/7

Today's Schedule (times Central*)

11:00 AM - Oakland (Milone) @ Detroit (Fister) Detroit leads 1-0. Airing on MLB Network
2:00 PM - Washington (Gio Gonzalez) @ St. Louis (Wainwright) Game One. Airing on TBS
5:00 PM - New York (Sabathia) @ Baltimore (Hammel) Game One. Airing on TBS
8:30 PM - Cincinnati (Arroyo) @ San Francisco (Bumgarner) Cincinnati leads 1-0. Airing on TBS

*Because I know that's where most of you guys are, even though I'm out East now. Because I'm nice like that.

169 thoughts on “2012 MLB Playoffs: Sunday 10/7”

  1. Anyone else doing the Bingo thing on Gameday? It's makes things interesting for the games like this As-Tigs game where I don't really have a strong interest.

  2. so Oakland fans have to watch the game at 9am on a Sunday morning. seems like smrt MLB move to me.

    1. Just like in 2006 with the Twins-A's game. At least MLB is consistent in screwing the A's fans.

      1. If the A's wanted their fans to watch, they'd've lost the division so they could play the Yankees.

    1. Well, I don't get MLB Network and it's not yet noon here, so those are my reasons. We're having a couple of friends over for the Cards-Nats game, so I'll be watching that one but probably not here.

      1. I suppose those are good reasons. I'm looking forward to the O's game. I tried to record the game vs. Texas, but my DVR crapped out. I'm glad they won so I get to see more of them.

            1. you did, but I chose to spare you the wrath of meat. I reserve [redacted] on faces for Greekhouse.

    2. I was obviously busy this morning, and now I can't find the game on the radio because every sports station in the area is carrying football. Stupid NFL.

  3. Ah, I do get the game. I didn't think I did. All this time I've been wasting with non-Vikings football and outside work today*, and I could've been watching playoff baseball.

    * Note, one of these was significantly more wasteful than the other.

  4. This is an interesting postseason. Other than the Yankees, there isn't a team that I actively dislike. Usually, I find it hard to root for more than 2 or 3 of the teams. Also, both of the teams in my region are in it, which is kinda cool.

      1. In a normal postseason, I'd probably root for them in the first round. Not against the A's, though. That's for sure.

      2. Really? For me the scale of dislike goes like this(from most hated to less hated) white sox ------------------------------ Detroit- Cleveland - KC

    1. Yeah, at this point, O's Nats and A's Giants are both WS possibilities. I'm sure network execs are hoping for Detroit vs Cincinnati, though.

  5. I can watch four regular-season football games today on my TV but exactly zero playoff baseball games.

        1. Yes, but a lot of folks that do have cable don't seem to have it, so I was just wondering which cable/satellite packages had it.

  6. So, shit. there's a baseball game on and I've got nothing to do and I'm still awake. boo for not checking the site.

    1. My wife asked yesterday if everyone in baseball has to play for the Twins at some point.

    1. Well, for the second time in a week, the A's need to sweep a three-game series at home to advance. (OK, they actually were already in as a wild card, so this is more dire, but still, I'm sure they can draw upon their comeback to win the division).

    1. Damned straight. You pull that kind of crap, you do it on the day the team receives its world series rings, the next season.

  7. TBS announcer just called that diving stop the defensive play of the game. Somebody has a very short memory.

      1. I laughed when Yahoo! has Johnson ranked like 8th overall on the fantasy football ranking.

      1. Already? They took off three weeks for the Olympics, so I assume the season was three weeks longer than usual.

  8. well, at least there is a new Simpsons episode to bide the time before the next game

  9. It would be cool if the Yankees and Orioles rained out tonight and the two teams played a doubleheader tomorrow. Not that MLB would actually do that, of course, but I think it would be cool if they did.

  10. Leeewwww batting. I like how they quoted Lew's numbers against Sabathia. They probably happened when Sabathia was with Cleveland.

    1. He's like a stand up comic out there, except that he has trouble with the "stand up" part.

    1. Picture on the front page of MLB.com is Lew scoring, so at least that part is immortalized.

  11. I caved and got Postseason.TV. I couldn't help it - I'm too excited for this postseason.

    It's not as bad as I heard some people say, though the angles can be weird, and certain angles miss plays entirely. The "High Home" angle seems to be the most reliable, for anyone else watching.

  12. Yep, Postseason.TV, it's perfectly acceptable for you to just sit there loading ad infinitum instead of letting me actually see the game again. I was just looking for a way to rid myself of five dollars.

    1. The nickname Captain Cheeseburger is one of my favorite Batgirl things. Especially when someone on her site wrote this haiku:

      Captain Cheeseburger
      You are fat and butt ugly
      I hate you so much

    1. Well, the certain loss didn't set in until the 8th I'd think. A 4 run game is close enough where you could mount a comeback.

  13. Guys, I'm almost positive Chip Caray is the color guy for this .tv feed. They haven't said their names in the time I've been listening, but I think that's his stupid voice saying stupid things.

    1. Did he say more words starting with "fist" than the people calling the Tigers game today? If so, it must have been Chip Caray.

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