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    Old Hoss Radbourn ‏@OldHossRadbourn
    And now D. Young has driven in more runs (6) than the Yankees have scored in this series (5).

      1. Oh I see this was discussed a bit in the CoC. Let's hope this means Detroit signs him for a 5 year $60M contract.

  2. I'll be kind of sad when the Yankee portion of the playoffs is over. They have been so bad this series that I just want it to continue.

    1. Nothing makes me happier about the playoffs than that period of them after it becomes official that they cannot win the World Series.

  3. Brett Gardner showing he cares about winning by sliding into first, and being out by 5 feet.

  4. Octavio Dotel is 38 years old and has pitched for 13 teams in his 14 year career. I fully expected the Twins to sign him to a contract when he is 41 and on his 21st team.

    1. Yadier has that.
      Watched a bit of the game (AFK) and had the thought: if you're a young catcher, and you really like being the catcher, take pride in that, whatever, do you have anyone other than Yadier as your model? Jose maybe, and model your hitting off of anyone else?

      I don't really know that much about catching. That was my sister's position when she played HS softball, but I don't think she wanted to be there as much as was more willing to take the job. And she doesn't think she watches much baseball, so I can't really ask her anyways.

  5. I could do without the returning from commercial milliseconds before the first pitch of the inning. Is it too much to ask that I can at least see the wind-up?

  6. Del with the moustache and in a hoodie looks like a rapper from the 90's that I just can't quite put my finger on. Is it KRS-One?
    (Extensive sailor mouth warning!)
    Yep, I think it's KRS-One.

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