Minnesota Timberwolves 2012-13 Game Logs: Game 2 Wolves @ Raptors

Brent Barry is on NBA TV right now making fun of Kevin Love for doing knuckle push ups. Immediately thereafter he said that Pek doesn't do push up, he pushes the rest of the world down. Also he mentioned the Pek is so tough he snacks on fingernails.

Not to sound to hard or anything but I have been chewing on my nails since I was like 4.

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    1. I forgot about football when I woke up. It was Sunday, and I knew it, and it didn't register. I was reminded when I showed up at work and it was on a few TVs.

  1. Pek will burn an offensive foul early in the game just to let the rookie know he should keep his distance.

  2. Kirelenko must have one of the best up fakes in the NBA. It seems he gets defenders to leave their feet most times he touches the ball.

  3. Ugh. The last chance for the NBA.com Free Preview and the game is on NBATV, so I won't be able to watch it.

    1. If he keeps this up until Rubio gets back, drives up his trade value, that is fine.

  4. So, are we ready to talk about Brandon Roy or should we just ignore it for another week or so?

      1. Zach Harper
        Roy's knees don't look like a problem tonight to me. It seriously looks like he's dribbling a football. No control of it.

  5. This team could use two things: a super talented power forward who can rebound and shoot, and a point guard who can run the offense and play good defense. Too bad those are so hard to come by.

  6. Timberwolves PR ā€@Twolves_PR
    #Twolves JJ Barea suffered a mild concussion in the second quarter after driving to the basket. He will not return tonight.

    a concussion is a concussion. its not 'mild' or 'severe'

    1. Tell that to monty Williams, who is bitching about the NBA cocussion rules re: his rookie stud.

      What a ponce.

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