143 thoughts on “2012-2013 Game Logs: Game 7 Wolves @ Mavs”

    1. Did you post something at Canius? The new layout confuses me and I don't read as much as I used to. What post did you put it under?

        1. Nice work. The new layout isn't quite as user friendly as the old site. How is it user wise?

  1. It would seem Mrs Buffalo would rather spend our anniversary sleeping with a cold. Oh, guess I have to watch basketball.

  2. I don't know how many more opposing broadcasters I can deal with saying that Shved looks like Toni Kukoc.

  3. There are so many league pass alerts going on right now. I hope the Wolves don't blow this lead while I am watching every other game on tv.

    1. Pek Steamer
      Love Williams Cunningham Lou
      AK Bud
      Roy Shved Lee
      Rubio Luke JJ Conroy

      This team has depth, I guess.

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        Jerry Zgoda
        Pekovic is out for the rest of the night with a sprained left ankle
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  4. A shot of Derrick Williams followed immediately by a shot of Adleman forehead slapping seems strangely not surprising. I think Williams is my new Ridnour, only without the stats to prove me wrong.

    1. With the injuries piling up the Wolves, regretfully, are going to need to see something from Williams these next couple of weeks. Coach needs to give him PT to try and build his confidence right now. The Wolves cannot live on the Russians alone until the reinforcements arrive.

      1. I completely agree, I just don't think its possible. The guy really just kind of sucks and maybe should have finished his degree.

    1. Harden went ISO versus James for the last shot in Houston. He had about 3 inches in separation between the beard and Lebron. Bummer to see the Rockets are already relying on hero ball.

      1. The way that one started, I'm surprised it came down to the last shot. Is McHale back with the team?

        Harden seems to really be pressing. I hope he gets it together again soon.

        1. He has played against Iggy, Tony Allen, and Lebron in three of his last four games. Defenders don't get much better than that. He will be fine.

  5. I think if I didn't bathe or eat for 30 days I would still look better than Chris Kaman.

    1. Agreed. Bring in Whiteside or bring back Tolliver. Someone with some semblance of coordination and skill.

  6. Ugh, I have literally not seen Williams do anything good the entire time I've been watching. He's Brewer-esque.

    1. If there's one thing you should learn from all this, it's that when we get Love and Rubio and Pek and Bud and Roy and JJ back, this will easily be the best team in NBA history.

  7. Jerry Zgoda ‏@JerryZgoda
    Trainer Gregg Farnam carried crutches out of training room while Pek limped toward bus. "I don't use crutches," big Pek said.

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