2012-13 Game Logs: Game 11 Minnesota @ PDX

Tonight is part four in our ongoing series where I use trade machine to try and trade Derek Williams to the team the Wolves are playing that night. My goal is for Derek Williams to become aware of this and use it as motivation. That or David Kahn becomes aware of these posts and tries to make these trades.

Portland and Minnesota have become rivals of sorts over the past couple of years. To think a rivilary coule be started as a result of a General Managers who developed a distrust from one another because one thought it was in poor taste to trade a player with a broken back while the other thought it to be brilliant. For what it is worth, if you are the one getting rid of the guy with a broken back I would call that a win for the organization.

Since that time there have been lawsuits, offer sheets, trade rumors, agent double speak, and offer sheets matched. The odds of these two teams dealing with each other in the future is probably limited. At least until the Blazers offer Pek a max contract this off season.

Speaking over huge contract offers, let's check in on Batum before looking at tonight's trade offer to unload Derek Williams.

20.1 ppg, 6 boards, 3.2 assists, 2 steals, 1.1 blocks.

and for the heck of it, let's look at AK.

13.8 ppg, 8.3 boards, 3 assists, 1.6 steals , 2.1 blocks

Batum can score a little bit more but it seems AK is giving more on the defensive end. Look for AK's ppg to go down with Love back, too. Not saying one is better than the other just pointing out the two off season targets for the Wolves.

And now, trade time!

Derek Williams and 2 first round picks for Batum.


PDX gets: Williams
Minnesota gets, Victor Claver, Will Barton, & Elliot Williams.

One of these players hasn't gotten off of Portland's bench, and the other two are averaging 5 min a game for a team with an awful bench.

We all really liked Will Barton coming into the draft though!

Wolves/Blazers tip off at 9pm CST. Blazers are -2.

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  1. One thing that's cool about the bike I ride at the gym is that it has a TV attached. I will be watching this game while I pedal.

  2. Well, I'm awake. My body demands to know what the hell is going on. I worked the full twelve hours, shopped for about 45 minutes, and went home, as usual with the grand idea of staying up until night to get back on track. As always, I fell asleep within minutes and woke up just as it was getting dark.

    I love working Black Friday, but I don't know how much longer my aging frame will put up with it. Well, at least I woke up in time for this game.

    1. It was 259 days from when Peterson tore his ACL and MCL to the first game of the season. It would be 264 days from when Rubio tore his ACL and LCL to the November 30 game. Seems quick but possible.

      1. I was reading something I cannot find at right now but the idea was that it is much more difficult for a basketball player to come back from this injury than a basketball player due to the nature of the sports. Don't quote me on this but the idea of the pressure or psi put on your knees from jumping is going to cause more damage, making it tougher to come back than just running and cutting would be in football.

        Jumping and explosiveness aren't huge parts of Rubio's game but there is no reason to rush him back right now.

  3. I missed Wednesday night's game so I didn't get to say this but I really enjoy Love's game.

        1. Coach is doing everything he can do make my trade offers seem even more unfair for the Wolves.

  4. I like how new play by play guy tries to sugar coat things, then Jim Pete is giving him the verbal eye roll

  5. If it makes you feel better, the Kings pissed away a double-digit lead in the last couple minutes to lose at Utah tonight.

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