44 thoughts on “2012-13 Game Logs: Game 19 Nuggets @ Wolves”

  1. The Wolves are playing like they are depressed that Rubio isn't in.

    Maybe Ricky will play after halftime?

    1. Same in my house - wife called him "gangly and uncoordinated...kinda awkward looking." And then he slammmed down the break away!

  2. I was kind of hoping a couple of days off would have benefited Love. He still looks, well, not 100%.

  3. I think Pek heard I was cool with trading him as a piece for Gasol. He is really trying to make it up tonight.

      1. What if he punched him in the balls instead? Its both more likeky and more appropriate considering Kobe's past.

  4. I have no idea why the Nuggets didn't give the ball to Brewer on that last possession.

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