2012-13 Game Logs: Game 21 Dallas @ Minnesota

I found an e-mail Kevin Love sent last week. It was cute. He changed the lyrics of a song and sent them to Ricky.

Good morning to you I hope you're feeling better, baby
Thinking of me while you are far away
Counting the days until your free to pass again
Writing this e-mail, hoping you're okay

Saved you the lockert you used to dress in every Sunday
The one that is warmed by sunshine every day
And we'll get to know each other for a second time
And then you can tell me 'bout your rehab stay

Feels so good you're coming home soon

It's gonna to be good to have you back again with me
Watching the laughter play around your eyes
Come up and fetch you, alley oop passes are so money
Kissing just the net will be so nice

Feels so good you're coming home soon

Running the way we used to run
And it could be so nice
Dunking the way we used to dunk
And it could be so nice

Feels so good you're coming home soon

Feels so good you're coming home soon

Soon is now. Rubio plays tonight. The playoff push begins. It is time to enjoy basketball again.

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    1. I'm fine with him resting his thumb for the night, too. His shot still looks wonky, and that was before the "contusion".

  1. I've now seen two really, really good Shved plays and two really, really not so good Shved plays. More good ones please.

    1. There's no way the black magic holding together the remains of Vince Carter and Derek Fisher can last for four quarters, either.

  2. Who just blew that wide open three off a beautiful pass after an incredible move by Rubio? If that was Williams, fuck him.

  3. Finally pulled up the game on the shifty site, got to see a behind the back flip from Ricky in the first few seconds, only to be followed by a missed three by D.Will. Spoiled.

  4. The way Ricky directed Shved to the paint and hit JJ on the wing was a thing of beauty.

      1. Has their ever been a player with this much flash who has been so fundamentally sound?

            1. Ben Collin (TTBB) ‏@bennyc50
              Good thing basketball games don't last 4 hours or male fans would have to call a doctor because of Rubio.

    1. I've started to think the same thing about Vince Carter. In the last couple years, I've seen him step under too many other players who are in the air and cause rolled ankles and tweaked knees to give him the benefit of a doubt anymore.

  5. Ricky Rubio wearing a uniform is increasing Derek Williams' trade value. Unexpected benefits!

  6. one of the better things Rubio does is when he passes it to Pek, he actually gets it to a level where Pek can catch it.

    1. It all looks fairly innocuous, like he's just a step late or sliding towards the ball, but it happens way too often for it to not be on purpose.

    1. The refs seem to be fairly clueless. Foul on Steamer on a clean block, foul on Rubio for being pushed into Fisher- bah.

      1. Seriously, this was a perfect counter to that crap argument. The 21st game of the season and you can't tell me those guys didn't want it as badly as any walk-on has ever wanted it.

        1. It's always been bullshit. Sure, Darko and a few like him are dogs, but the vast majority of guys play very hard.

  7. Mrs. Buffalo came home during the 4th quarter and watched through until now with me before going to bed. After the Wolves won the tip off to start overtime followed the the quick basket she thought the game was over. She thought OT was sudden death. I just now stopped laughing.

  8. John Focke ‏@JWFOCKE

    #Twolves Adelman-Ricky was pretty excited and when he has the ball in his hands I am a a lot better coach

  9. I got to see the fourth quarter, and then I had to run because of a promise I made to Skim.

    I'm pretty annoyed I missed that OT, but it's better than missing a loss. Rubio looked like Rubio, which I admit I've been worried about all season (as a Twins fan, I just expect people to return from injury without a shred of talent).

    The Maverick feed never mentioned why Love was out during the fourth. Can someone illuminate me? I'd missed the last couple of games, so forgive me if it's common knowledge.

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