Guest DJs 2013

with the negotiations completed and contracts all signed, we're happy to announce the recruitment of a fresh round of guest DJs. we're looking for a few sensitive young men and women to take a turn behind the tables.

if you're interested, please send an email to hungryjoe [this thingy] first priority goes to new DJs. spots left over will be spread among returning DJs (2011 DJs have first priority, then 2012's crop), awarded by random number generator. also, months will be awarded by random number generator.

deadline to apply will be thursday, 20 december 2012, at, oh, let's say 3pm CT

come be the next opportunistic renegade.

EDIT: if you have any months that won't work out as well, let me know and i'll try to get the schedule to work for you should you be chosen


nice turnout for volunteers. we had 6 newbies volunteers, so they're all in. for the next group, we had 7 people that last had a guest run in 2011, so all their names were put into consideration. to choose, their handles were placed in alphabetical order, and then a random sequence of numbers 1-7 was generated and that order was matched to the alphabetical list of names. numbers 1-6 are in, and whomever received lucky #7 would have to wait until next year.

The candidates:

  • Beau
  • Can of Corn
  • cheaptoy
  • freealonzo
  • MagUidhir
  • Twayn
  • Zack

and the random number list:

sorry, breau, it's going to have to be next year (though you'll be first in line if we need a pinch hitter).

and, with further random number usage to determine months with schedule requests taken into account, your 2013 guest DJs!

  • january 14-20: Zack
  • february 11-17: Sheenie
  • march 11-17: Rowsdower
  • april 15-21: Jeff A
  • may 13-19: Philosopher
  • june 10-17: Can of Corn
  • july 15-21: freealonzo
  • august 12-18: Twayn
  • september 16-22: MagUidhir
  • october 14-20: cheaptoy
  • november 11-17: davidwatts
  • december 16-22: FirstTime 'hitman" LongTime (added at my insistence, and, technically a newbie guest DJ)

there you have it, folks. if DJs want to trade months, that's fine, just let me know. thank you again for the great volunteer turnout. those that missed the cut this year will have much better chances next year. any questions, let me know.


45 thoughts on “Guest DJs 2013”

    1. here's going to be the pecking order (we'll fill all the spots from the top group, then move to the subsequent groups, with number generators filling it out if there are more volunteers than spots):

      1. brand spankin' newbies
      2. previous guest DJs from 2011
      3. previous guest DJs from 2012
      4. previous guest DJs from 2011 and 2012

      you can see where this is going for 2014.

      1. you can see where this is going for 2014.
        I can't wait until 2015, when it should get even more complicated!

  1. I've done it the past two years as well, but I really like guesting, so I'll put my name down and if you get twelve others, you can throw me out.

  2. I am interested. Last time everyone seem relieved I didn't go with country, so I'd like to do an all-country week.

  3. e-mail sent, no preference for month. So would I lose my future privileges if I did a week of goofy covers? (Shiny Happy Monsters by Michael Stipe and the Muppets, You Light Up My Life by Patti Smith....)

      1. Country? Probably no. I actually get Mardi Gras day! Oh this is going to make for interesting music. I could go all Mardi Gras songs. All songs about indulging and then repenting. All songs by people from New Orleans. Or just a random group of musicals. You boys are in for a treat!

                1. ManOfCloth - which country are you referring to, there's so many?

                  (BTW - I still play Bhimsen Joshi sometimes, but the wife insists on no more than one song at a time).

              1. Bitching cravat, Buck. And having your name on your guitar strap makes for quick, pre-show backstage instrument selection.

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