30 thoughts on “2012-13 Game Logs: Timberwolves @ Magic”

  1. Not a huge fan of the Barea/Rubio pairing. Or the Steamer/DWon't pairing. Yeah, I don't like this lineup.

    1. Evidently when you have a partially-healed hand, you need to jam your thumb real good to get your shooting touch back.

        1. I never thought trading Pek was a good idea- I'm not looking forward to what the Wolves will have to pay him, but he's too valuable to trade away.

          1. Its that money thing that made me think the trade talk wasn't entirely especially unreasonable, especially because it didn't start because anyone here thought he sucked now when he was clearly hurting (unlike over at canis.) but yeah, a healthy ankle makes for the mythical Pek.

  2. the Wolves scored 32 points in the 2nd quarter
    the Wolves scored 32 points in the 3rd sand 4th quarters combined.

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